Eve, deception and Doctrine

thought it might be helpful to dig a bit further into some of the things raised in my conversation with Elyse Fitzpatrick on last week’s podcast.  If you haven’t watched or listened in yet then I’d encourage you to do so via one of the links below. One thing that Elyse raised was the way… Continue reading Eve, deception and Doctrine

Do we take the Bible seriously enough?

The other day, Eddie Arthur shared a blog article titled “Issues with my tribe.”  He is there referring to evangelicalism and he highlights two particular concerns, namely that despite our protestations, we don’t take the Bible or our doctrine seriously enough. Clues towards those conclusions are found in our Sunday services. In terms of taking… Continue reading Do we take the Bible seriously enough?

How can we know anything about God, us and this world?

The Pendulum of Rationality In our first article, we saw that our whole life, what we think, how we feel, what we do and say is influenced by what we believe.  We choose either to believe truth or lies about God, Creation, Humanity and New Creation.  So how do we know what is true?  Throughout… Continue reading How can we know anything about God, us and this world?

The Faithroots Series

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I originally started Faithroots in order to provide online teaching and training. I had two concerns. The first was to provide content that we couldn’t cover in half hour on a Sunday morning for those at our church who wanted to take things further. The second was that I’ve a particular concern for those who… Continue reading The Faithroots Series

Centred or boundaries?

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When we first moved to Bearwood, I had the opportunity to link up with other pastors for fellowship but there were a couple of groups operating, so which one was I meant to choose?  There was a Black Country Group and a Birmingham group. Initially it seemed to make snse to join with the Black… Continue reading Centred or boundaries?

Red Herrings and church life

I’ve written two articles describing examples of what are in my opinion “red-herrings” when it comes to the UK’s COVID-19 response. I could be wrong in my assessment. I write as an amateur arm chair critic not an expert. However, the point I wanted to make was that often we risk being distracted by something… Continue reading Red Herrings and church life

Being Human – New series on faithroots starts this week

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The original (and an ongoing) aim of Faithroots  was to help people think through how doctrine/systematic theology applied to life. My concern was that we seem to separate Christian teaching into heavy weight more academic stuff and practical self help stuff. But if what we believe affects how we live then first of all, the… Continue reading Being Human – New series on faithroots starts this week

How to listen to doctrinal sermons

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Sometimes the aim of a sermon is to help us grasp a specific Biblical truth more clearly. This should not surprise us. We keep insisting that what we believe affects how we live.  We may use a one off sermon or even a short series of sermons to teach on a particular doctrine. For example,… Continue reading How to listen to doctrinal sermons

Revealed … suppressed (Romans 1:16-32)

What is the mission of the local church in the city?  A lot of churches if asked that question will talk about sharing the love of Jesus, being salt and light, showing compassion etc. But what dies it mean to be salt and light, what does it mean to show the love of Jesus? Those… Continue reading Revealed … suppressed (Romans 1:16-32)

Abuse and the fault in our theology

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I remember being asked once whether I’d prefer to pastor a church that was weak/confused in its doctrine but seemed on fire with passion for the Lord and loving or a church that seemed to be ticking all the right boxes doctrinally but wasn’t clicking in terms of love, welcome, enthusiasm. After thinking about the… Continue reading Abuse and the fault in our theology