Eternal Generation and the EFS debate

In what way is Christ “God’s Son”?  We are talking specifically about his divine nature here because he is also “son of God” by virtue of his human nature just as Luke describes Adam as God’s Son.  John 3:16 describes Jesus as God’s “only begotten son.” It seems that Arians who did not regard JesusContinue reading “Eternal Generation and the EFS debate”

Food from around the world wide web

Friday 26/03/2020 30 Edifying things to watch whilst stuck at home – some recommended TV viewing, a lot of these are on Netflix Upbeat Songs for Quarantined Children – it’s the end of week one of home-schooling. How on earth are you coping. If you are looking for some suggestions to help the kids danceContinue reading “Food from around the world wide web”