Women and church leadership

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I wanted to say a little bit more here about church leadership and my previous comments about churches needing both mums and dads.  I’m a complementarian which means that I believe men and women are created equally in God’s image and are co-heirs in Christ.  It also means that they bring different perspectives, gifts, roles… Continue reading Women and church leadership

How do you know? – Training Course

One of the aims of Faithroots is to provide accessible and practical training for Gospel work. You can find out the different options for training with us on our training pages here. I’m currently working on developing and updating our online training materials. The first tranche of materials are available with workbooks and videos. These… Continue reading How do you know? – Training Course

Is it a sin for a pastor’s wife to go out to work?

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Occasionally I get mailings or see advertisements for events that the organisers believe will be helpful for my wife. However, she cannot attend them, so they aren’t much use.  Why? Well because those events are set up to run during the working day.  I suppose that some ministry wives might be able to get some… Continue reading Is it a sin for a pastor’s wife to go out to work?

Pursue plurality and interdependence

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I’m a firm believer in the importance of plural leadership. This should include a plurality of elders and a wider leadership team of godly men and women.  The evidence for the need for plural elders is seen in Acts 20:17 where Paul meets with the elders (plural) of the Ephesian church.  Then in Titus 1:5,… Continue reading Pursue plurality and interdependence

Boris and a question of character

As I write, Boris Johnson is still clinging on to power. That could change quickly.  Prime Ministers are remembered as much by how the leave office as anything.  Gordon Brown will be remembered for eventually leaving with his two sons and a level of dignity left, David Cameron for humming a care free tune as… Continue reading Boris and a question of character

Headship – what are husbands meant to do?

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I mentioned the other day a friend who was asking challenging questions about headship, submission, complementarianism and headship. Here’s another of their questions. If the core characteristic of male headship in marriage is love not leadership, why do we focus on submission to a husband’s leadership instead of his love? They are thinking primarily of… Continue reading Headship – what are husbands meant to do?

The Chain

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They say that moving house is in the top three stressful things that you can do though I’m not sure it has to be that stressful. I remember when we bought our first house that the process seemed fairly relaxed, mind you, we didn’t have to worry about selling too. This time around, we set… Continue reading The Chain

Space to Grow:  What are the potential barriers to growth?

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In my last article, I wrote that we can end up putting barriers in the way of a church doing what we might naturally, legitimately expect it to be doing. It is natural for churches as living, healthy entities to grow.  So, what are some of the barriers or constraints that might be in place:… Continue reading Space to Grow:  What are the potential barriers to growth?

Why I’m writing about Russia, Ukraine and NATO

The primary purpose of Faithroots is to help people think Biblically because what we believe affects how we live. I write for a general audience but I also have two specific and related audiences in mind that I particularly want to help and encourage: Those involved in urban church planting, mission and discipleship whether as… Continue reading Why I’m writing about Russia, Ukraine and NATO