Are we playing the same game?

Imagine watching the Euros as a Rugby Union fan. You would cheer every time a player took the ball beyond the by-line or booted it over the goal posts and you’d be surprised every time there was jubilation whenever the ball went under the bar. You’d be assessing the team’s performance by a different setContinue reading “Are we playing the same game?”

How not to be a heretic – be teachable

One of the people who has been right at the centre of the EFS controversy has been Wayne Grudem. When the charge of heresy is made it is primarily targeted against Grudem and Bruce Ware. This is understandable because I have to admit that out of the “EFS” proponents, it has been their language thatContinue reading “How not to be a heretic – be teachable”

Complementarianism and Singleness – in practice

This is my third article responding to the accusation that complementarianism discriminates against single people.  I want to look at how this works out in practice. I want to say at the start that this is not an attempt to claim that the churches I’ve been part of as a member or as a leaderContinue reading “Complementarianism and Singleness – in practice”

Complementarianism and Singleness -what does the Bible say?

The other week, I wrote about complementarianism and singleness in response to the claim that Complementarianism gives no space for single women in the church or society because women are required always to relate to God and others through the authority of a man. In that article I explained that this is a misunderstanding ofContinue reading “Complementarianism and Singleness -what does the Bible say?”

Why is Sheep Stealing such a bad thing?

Last Sunday, I wrote about the issue of sheep stealing by which I meant the attempt to poach/steal/attract people from another church to join yours.  But why is this a problem? Surely we are part of the one family of God, surely as long as people are in the kingdom it doesn’t matter too muchContinue reading “Why is Sheep Stealing such a bad thing?”

Sheep stealing, transfer growth and the end of the pandemic

There are times when it becomes necessary to move from one church to another, this might be because a church has departed from what the Bible teaches on primary issues touching on the Gospel or because you have changed your own position on some thing important and central to the beliefs and practices of thatContinue reading “Sheep stealing, transfer growth and the end of the pandemic”

Gifted and Talented

What does that phrase make you think of?  It’s frequently used to describe stand out students at school. The Gifted and talented are to be separated out for special attention at one end of the educational spectrum in order to maximise Grade 9s, A*s and Oxbridge places.  Of course at the other end of theContinue reading “Gifted and Talented”

Fathers and mothers – implications of family models for the church

In my posts about church culture and in my recent article about complementarianism, I’ve argued that we need to seek a church culture that functions more like a family and less like a club, institution or business. In that context, I want to suggest that elders in the church function a bit like the fathersContinue reading “Fathers and mothers – implications of family models for the church”

In defence of complementarianism

One of the things I’ve seen coming up again and again is the suggestion that part of the problem with conservative evangelical culture that needs to change is complementarianism. Indeed, you will notice that the push is to argue that complementarianism is not only a risk factor for creating abusive cultures but furthermore is, inContinue reading “In defence of complementarianism”