Why I’m still a complementarian

A little while back, Aimee Byrd wrote “Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.”  The book was significant because Aimee was writing from a conservative evangelical perspective, she would have at least up until that point been identified as complementarian but in the book she went head to head with the dominant complementarian voices in the… Continue reading Why I’m still a complementarian

Eve, deception and Doctrine

thought it might be helpful to dig a bit further into some of the things raised in my conversation with Elyse Fitzpatrick on last week’s podcast.  If you haven’t watched or listened in yet then I’d encourage you to do so via one of the links below. One thing that Elyse raised was the way… Continue reading Eve, deception and Doctrine


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What does it mean to be a man in Christ, made and redeemed in God’s image? We hear a lot about Biblical manhood, about taking the lead, about not being weak, about being distinctive in terms of body build, clothes and length of hair. Recently some US pastors have felt it important to pronounce judgement… Continue reading Safe?

Men Women and Leadership … in practice

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I hope you’ve found the recent #FaithrootsLive series helpful. The aim has not been to court controversy but help us to think better about how to honour Christ and love his church. Here’s the last in the series where we Consider some of the potential objections and criticisms of complementarianism Begin to think about how… Continue reading Men Women and Leadership … in practice

Fathers and mothers – implications of family models for the church

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In my posts about church culture and in my recent article about complementarianism, I’ve argued that we need to seek a church culture that functions more like a family and less like a club, institution or business. In that context, I want to suggest that elders in the church function a bit like the fathers… Continue reading Fathers and mothers – implications of family models for the church

In defence of complementarianism

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One of the things I’ve seen coming up again and again is the suggestion that part of the problem with conservative evangelical culture that needs to change is complementarianism. Indeed, you will notice that the push is to argue that complementarianism is not only a risk factor for creating abusive cultures but furthermore is, in… Continue reading In defence of complementarianism

Let women learn

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Alistair Chalmers has started a series of articles from a complementation perspective on allowing women’s voices to be heard in church. He gives the extreme example (extreme in logic sadly not necessarily in terms of commonality) of women attending women’s conferences and being taught by men on what it means to be a godly mother… Continue reading Let women learn