Men Women and Leadership … in practice

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I hope you’ve found the recent #FaithrootsLive series helpful. The aim has not been to court controversy but help us to think better about how to honour Christ and love his church.

Here’s the last in the series where we

  1. Consider some of the potential objections and criticisms of complementarianism
  2. Begin to think about how to apply the NT teaching on this subject to our church contexts. There will be some variation in what this looks like exactly depending on church context. However we will want to:
  • Stay within the boundary lines that Scripture sets in place
  • Think in terms of “family” not business hierarchy
  • Seek to honour and not undermine what Scripture teaches about the physical household in Ephesians 5 by what we do in the spiritual household.
  • Ensure that how we structure church life honours Christ the bridegroom and loves his bride the church.
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