Food shortage? (Mark 8:13-21)

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After refusing to give the Pharisees a sign, Jesus heads off with his disciples across Galilee by boat.  Once again we are faced with a bread crisis. The Disciples have only remembered to bring along one loaf of bread, that’s probably a small loaf so it’s not going to feed all of them. This seems… Continue reading Food shortage? (Mark 8:13-21)

Worth doing twice (Mark 8:1-7)

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Sometimes I wonder what tone Mark expects us to read different episodes from his Gospel in and where the emphasis is.  I imagine that 8:1 is meant to sound something like: “and the people ran out of food AGAIN.” We’ve been here before, and at first sight it looks like Galileans were poor planners.  This… Continue reading Worth doing twice (Mark 8:1-7)


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What does it mean to be a man in Christ, made and redeemed in God’s image? We hear a lot about Biblical manhood, about taking the lead, about not being weak, about being distinctive in terms of body build, clothes and length of hair. Recently some US pastors have felt it important to pronounce judgement… Continue reading Safe?