Where is your confidence?

Jesus and his disciples are in Jerusalem for the Passover Festival. At the heart of the festival was the Temple, an impressive building. Whilst the Jews on returning during Ezra and Nehemiah’s day had been disappointed by the 2nd Temple, a poor comparison to the one Solomon had built, Herod the Great had sent lavishly… Continue reading Where is your confidence?

Taking on the religious guardians (Mark 12)

Jesus’ opponents were looking for an excuse to have Jesus arrested.  Here in his last week, Mark puts the focus on their attempts to trap him.  I guess that in a sense 12:1-12 forms a kind of invitation to “bring it on.” Jesus tells a parable which might also be seen as a figurative retelling… Continue reading Taking on the religious guardians (Mark 12)

Worth doing twice (Mark 8:1-7)

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Sometimes I wonder what tone Mark expects us to read different episodes from his Gospel in and where the emphasis is.  I imagine that 8:1 is meant to sound something like: “and the people ran out of food AGAIN.” We’ve been here before, and at first sight it looks like Galileans were poor planners.  This… Continue reading Worth doing twice (Mark 8:1-7)

Halfway there? (Mark 8:1-9:1)

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We are in effect at the mid-point of the Gospel here.   The challenge then is whether or not people are beginning to see, hear and understand the truth about who Jesus is.  In case the disciples have not learnt yet, Jesus offers a reprise of the miraculous feeding -this time with 4000 men (8:1-10).  Even… Continue reading Halfway there? (Mark 8:1-9:1)

Why we are doing evangelism for the Commonwealth Games

Today marks the start of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.  The Commonwealth is an association of countries whose primary relationship is historical through the British Empire and the Queen.  When countries gained their independence the empire evolved into this voluntary association and in that respect provides evidence of how positive relationships are possible despite that… Continue reading Why we are doing evangelism for the Commonwealth Games

Defeated enemies (Mark 4:35-5:43)

We now encounter a series of incredible miracles and signs which demonstrate Jesus’ power over the forces of evil and death. First, we see Jesus as Lord over his creation. Jesus travels across Galilee with his disciples. He is asleep in the boat as a storm brews. There are echoes of Jonah’s flight to Tarshish… Continue reading Defeated enemies (Mark 4:35-5:43)