It’s okay to go off-piste when preaching … providing you signpost it clearly

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There’s been a few occasions when I’ve been preaching where something has struck me and I’ve felt it particularly relevant and helpful but it hasn’t been something that the passage specifically addresses. Rather, it’s been a question arising perhaps out of something the passage leaves unaddressed.  There have been other occasions where I’ve drawn an… Continue reading It’s okay to go off-piste when preaching … providing you signpost it clearly

Return of the King -download

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I love the book of Revelation. The imagery in the book is vivid, the plotline exciting and this book keeps pointing to our certain hope in Christ and the wonders of future new creation. However, it’s an often misunderstood and misused book. Revelation has become the scene of many unseemly scraps between Christians becoming dogmatic… Continue reading Return of the King -download

How much application?

We are usually told that we need “more application” and that our sermons shouldn’t become boring technical lectures, so this article from Chris Thomas may prove a surprising read to many. For balance, you may want to read this from Steve Kneale showing that there are still people arguing for more application. I also want… Continue reading How much application?

Through the Fire

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Today’s #DailyDose from Isaiah 43:1-13 points to God as the Lord and Saviour who created, redeemed and calls us. We discover doctrinal truth -that Christ is fully God and pastoral hope that no-one can snatch us from His hand.

Fathers and Mothers/Sons and Daughters

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#TheDailyDose … a look at Ephesians 6:1-4. Key take aways We obey our earthly fathers because we have a heavenly father … and because it is the right thing to do. The promises concerning parents and children are based on the parental responsibility to teach God’s word and bring the Gospel to children. There is… Continue reading Fathers and Mothers/Sons and Daughters

“Have a bath and change your clothes” (Ephesians 4:17 -32)

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It has been vital during the pandemic to take off clothes as soon as you get home and have a shower or bath. It would be ridiculous to put the old contaminated clothes back on again. Similarly, the imagery of Christian faith is a bath (baptism), don’t put your old clothes back on again!

Going Deeper

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We often talk about the need to go deeper into God’s Word. A few years back, Andrew Sach and Nigel Benyon wrote a helpful little book with the title “Dig Deeper” which was all about the tools we can use to get a better grasp on what God’s Word is saying to us. The risk… Continue reading Going Deeper