Return of the King -download

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I love the book of Revelation. The imagery in the book is vivid, the plotline exciting and this book keeps pointing to our certain hope in Christ and the wonders of future new creation. However, it’s an often misunderstood and misused book.

Revelation has become the scene of many unseemly scraps between Christians becoming dogmatic about specific schemes and ideas for how history will pan out. The result is that a lot of Christians give it a wide berth. That’s a shame because I think it has so much of great relevance to say especially in the context of these uncertain days in the shadow of COVID. With that in mind and given the way some people have mishandled Revelation even in the context of seeking support for some pretty wild theories during the pandemic, I thought I’d re-share share some stuff which was originally part of the teaching programme at Bearwood Chapel a few years ago.

So, I’m uploading an overview document to the Resources page called “Return of the King.”

I hope that you’ll find the overview helpful. There is already a series of detailed articles working through the book based on previous sermons available here.

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