The Gnostic presuppositions of The Crown

I understand that for some, The Crown is compulsive and essential viewing.  Netflix’s big budget drama tells the story of Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family starting back with the death of George VI and over several seasons aiming presumably to bring things right up to date.  The show has proved both popular and controversial… Continue reading The Gnostic presuppositions of The Crown

Where is your confidence?

Jesus and his disciples are in Jerusalem for the Passover Festival. At the heart of the festival was the Temple, an impressive building. Whilst the Jews on returning during Ezra and Nehemiah’s day had been disappointed by the 2nd Temple, a poor comparison to the one Solomon had built, Herod the Great had sent lavishly… Continue reading Where is your confidence?

Who has more to give?

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In the days following Jesus’ cleansing of the temple, the different religious and political groupings have attempted to take him on and bring him down. His actions in the temple courts amounted to a direct challenge of their authority and so, they attempted to undermine his. Jesus however has defeated all comers. He has demonstrated… Continue reading Who has more to give?

What do I owe Him?

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Jesus is engaging all comers in debate, there have been Pharisees, Sadducees and Herodians. One lawyer has been hanging back, observing. Now, he steps in with his question. Mark leaves open the question about whether this is intended as another trap but observes that this man has been impressed by Jesus’ answers so maybe there… Continue reading What do I owe Him?

A question of authority

Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem certainly was making waves.  There was something strategic about his actions.  Arriving on a donkey in line with prophetic promises of God’s anointed king arriving in such a manner, he had then gone into the Temple courtyard and caused disruption, pronouncing judgement. This was a declaration of intent. Jesus was taking… Continue reading A question of authority

Don’t miss it

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We get really excited about that bit in Mark 11:22-25 which talks about having faith to move mountains. How many times have you heard it referenced in songs, prayers and sermons?  We’ve seen that in context, those words relate to Jesus having just cursed the fig tree.  Mark 11 is all about the authority that… Continue reading Don’t miss it

I want to see (Mark 10:46-52)

Jesus is passing through Jericho with his disciples and there’s a blind man begging. It seems that his status is so lowly that he doesn’t even have a first name that he is known by. He is referred to by his surname “Bartimaeus” (Timaeus’ son).  Although his physical eyes are blind, he shows signs of… Continue reading I want to see (Mark 10:46-52)

Jesus on divorce … is he harsher than the OT Law? (Mark 10:1-10)

“The Old Testament God is all about Laws and rules. He’s harsh.  The New Testament God is loving and kind, he is easier to follow because of grace.” How often have you heard something like that said?  Does Mark 10:1-10 support or go against that assumption?  Jesus is confronted by some of the Pharisees and… Continue reading Jesus on divorce … is he harsher than the OT Law? (Mark 10:1-10)

Removing barriers (Mark 10)

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We are travelling with Jesus to Jerusalem to the Temple and towards the time of Jesus’s death and resurrection. On route Jesus will encounter those who seek to block and oppose him. We will also see the barriers that others face. First, we see Jesus confronted by the religious leaders seeking to test him. We… Continue reading Removing barriers (Mark 10)

Why were there leftovers at the feeding of the 5000?

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We know the answer don’t we? It’s obvious.  Ny providing an abundance, Jesus was demonstrating his ability to provide all that his people needed. The Twelve baskets meant that each disciple had something to take away. More than that, they symbolised the 12 tribes, so that we saw Christ’s abundant provision for his people. However,… Continue reading Why were there leftovers at the feeding of the 5000?