Who has more to give?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

In the days following Jesus’ cleansing of the temple, the different religious and political groupings have attempted to take him on and bring him down. His actions in the temple courts amounted to a direct challenge of their authority and so, they attempted to undermine his. Jesus however has defeated all comers. He has demonstrated… Continue reading Who has more to give?

When worship becomes farce (Mark 7:1-8)

Photo by Farooq Khan on Pexels.com

Jesus receives a delegation from Jerusalem. It’s kind of like the rabbinic version of an OFSTED visit. The scribes and pharisees have come to see him, to check out what he is saying and doing, to test him and no doubt hoping to trap him. It looks like they are welcomed in and offered hospitality.… Continue reading When worship becomes farce (Mark 7:1-8)

The last great sin

What do Matt Hancock, Dominic Cummings and Professor Neil Ferguson have in common? That’s right, they have all been found guilty in the court of public opinion of committing the ultimate unforgivable sin.  What is that sin? Well despite what you might think, it isn’t that they broke COVID rules. Despite the reaction and commentary… Continue reading The last great sin

Masks and actors, Fathers and Sons (Matthew 6:1-24)

When I was younger, there was one person’s seal of approval that mattered. I suspect I am not alone in this and to some extent I suspect it remains true today.  Whether it was the school reports, my first and only successful attempt at woodwork, my exam grades, my choice of girlfriend (and eventually wife),… Continue reading Masks and actors, Fathers and Sons (Matthew 6:1-24)