What approval are you looking for?

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In my last article I said that whilst seeking approval can become idolatrous, it is not always necessarily so.  Sometimes it is right to be concerned for recognition and approval. In this article we’re going to dig a little bit more into that by focusing on elders and church leaders.   What type(s) of recognition/approval should… Continue reading What approval are you looking for?


A little while back I wrote a little on the way that we can be tempted by three types of idol: approval, comfort and security.  Now one of the things about idols is that they tend to be parasitical on things that are genuine needs and in and of themselves, in context, within boundaries are… Continue reading Approval

Idols, culture, abuse and scandal

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On Friday I wrote about the source idols of approval, comfort and security quoting this from Tom Wood’s book. We admit our own striving for wholeness through approval, comfort or security from others, from self-accomplishment, from this world’s offers of life or even our religious successes, as if they are life. Wood, Dr. Tom. Gospelling… Continue reading Idols, culture, abuse and scandal

Masks and actors, Fathers and Sons (Matthew 6:1-24)

When I was younger, there was one person’s seal of approval that mattered. I suspect I am not alone in this and to some extent I suspect it remains true today.  Whether it was the school reports, my first and only successful attempt at woodwork, my exam grades, my choice of girlfriend (and eventually wife),… Continue reading Masks and actors, Fathers and Sons (Matthew 6:1-24)