Trauma, grief and response to abuse

Over the past few years, I’ve written and spoken quite a bit about the problem of abusive cultures particularly in the context of church life. First of all, my concern is to see us doing better in letting what we believe affect how we live so that doctrines of grace lead to cultures of grace.Continue reading “Trauma, grief and response to abuse”

The (church) body keeps the score

I recently referred to the book “The body keeps the score” which talks about how mental health issues and in particular trauma related health is not just in the mind. The physical brain, nervous system and the body are affected by trauma, respond to it and keep score of the damage inflicted. So, I’ve begunContinue reading “The (church) body keeps the score”

How (not) to be a guilt driven church

#TheDailyDose – Ephesians 2:8-10 The book we bought and the book we read Rick Warren’s best sellers “The purpose driven life” and “The purpose  driven church” –but a lot of churches and Christian lives feel “guilt driven” …not purpose driven What do I mean …. Trying to bridge a gap “For it is by graceContinue reading “How (not) to be a guilt driven church”

The Guilt Driven Church or the Grace Saturated Church?

Over the next few days we’ve something a little different on #TheDailyDose . I’m taking a break from working through a book in order to look at a mini topical series.  Over the past few months, we’ve been challenged following the Fletcher, Smyth and Timmis scandals to look at our church culture. What kind ofContinue reading “The Guilt Driven Church or the Grace Saturated Church?”

Learning to love one another (changing our culture)

So, how do we develop  a culture of grace within the church where one another love is witnessed and experienced? In this post, I want to make a couple of suggestions.  First of all, it has to be modelled by pastors and leaders.  This means that we need to prioritise choosing elders and appointing pastorsContinue reading “Learning to love one another (changing our culture)”

Gifted and Talented

What does that phrase make you think of?  It’s frequently used to describe stand out students at school. The Gifted and talented are to be separated out for special attention at one end of the educational spectrum in order to maximise Grade 9s, A*s and Oxbridge places.  Of course at the other end of theContinue reading “Gifted and Talented”

Recovering our first love

I’ve been writing over the past week or two about how we encourage reform that affects church culture so that what we believe about grace affects how we live.  We’ve seen that central to that is seeing the importance of love as central to the mission of the church. Today, I want to talk aContinue reading “Recovering our first love”

Changing the culture: What is the mission and purpose of the church?

I’ve begun to share some thoughts about how we change and reform the culture of our churches in order to see churches where the doctrines of grace affect our life together so that there is a culture of grace. Here are some of the things I’ve suggested already: We need our church life to beContinue reading “Changing the culture: What is the mission and purpose of the church?”

Talking about church culture -and how to change it

One of the things coming out of the recent bullying and abuse scandals within the evangelical church has been the beginning of a conversation about church culture and the need for reformation.  I am going to give a little bit of attention to the question here. At this stage, it is important to emphasise theContinue reading “Talking about church culture -and how to change it”

#churchtoo, abuse bullying and culture – let’s have the conversation

In the light of the Timmis, Fletcher, Smyth and RZIM reports, there does seem to be a level of willingness amongst church and network leaders to talk about church culture and how we encourage reformation in this area. I will be including some more articles next week addressing this subject further but at this stage,Continue reading “#churchtoo, abuse bullying and culture – let’s have the conversation”