Grace (Ephesians 2:1-10)

Here’s the outline notes of a sermon I preached yesterday.


As a church we want to be a grace filled community – a radical alternative to the world and culture around us.  This means that every aspect of what we do and how we live is saturated in this thing called grace.

  1. We need to know that we are not the hero of the story!

David and Goliath – where are you and I in the story?  We often think of ourselves as being like David -killing our giants. But in fact that’s not where we are in the story.

We are at best with the Israelites looking on with trepidation hoping our hero will triumph

But it’s worse than that ….we are with the enemy 

That’s what Grace is all about

  • Christ the hero has rescued us

V1-3  – we were God’s enemies …. The realm of sin and death

…. This is one reason why God’s Law cannot save. It’s not a bad law. But imagine living under a brutal dictator. You may have the same laws about murder and stealing. You’ll have police and judges but they’ll be used to crush and harm.

V4-6  – God … because he is rich in mercy

                                                Made us alive with Christ … raised us to reign with him

            In order that he might show off the riches of his grace

  • We have received a free gift

The gift is … (V8-9) 

available to all 

something that cannot be earned/paid for

Why?   … Because we are saved by grace …. a free gift contrasted with works

To exclude boasting

The gift is not… 

To be snatched and enjoyed at a distance

V9-10 -result/purpose …. We are made/redeemed for good works ….

  • A church that is saturated in grace will be a church where:

All are welcome …. – humility leads to compassion

Where we can be open about our challenges and struggles -nothing and no one is beyond the reach of God’s grace.

Where there is patience – we are all works in progress  

Where there is joyful service – we get involved because we are filled with joy, gratitude and hope not out of legalistic duty. 

What does this look like for me?

What is it that I need God’s grace for this week? 

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