The bread that divides?

A crisis situation like the one we are in at the moment can throw up the occasional bouncer, a theological issue that affects how we do church that we weren’t ready for. These issues can be controversial.  So we want to approach them carefully and with charity. We also need to be ready that inContinue reading “The bread that divides?”

Isolation and Communion (part 1)

One Cup? The practical questions for us have rumbled on for years. Traditionally our church followed the practice of passing round the bread first and letting people tear off a piece, then we pass round chalices, each person taking a sip before wiping the rim of the cup with a serviette.  Sharing in the oneContinue reading “Isolation and Communion (part 1)”

Summer Is Coming

Summer and Winter Apparently in Game of Thrones, the Stark family have a saying “Winter is Coming.” It is a chill warning of dark and dangerous days ahead.  I have started using the hashtag #SummerIsComing on social media. Why?  Well, it feels very much like we are in the dark nights of winter as weContinue reading “Summer Is Coming”