Covid and euthanasia of the elderly

Dystopian Literature often focuses on the concept that elderly people in an ordered authoritarian society will be required to accept that a day will come when they must lay down their lives. [1]For example, in “The Fixed Period” by Trollope, the inhabitants of Britannica near New Zealand legislate that at 67 years old, citizens shouldContinue reading “Covid and euthanasia of the elderly”

Coronavirus and what the data is telling us

This is one of my regular appeals for us to work harder at understanding the Pandemic and to be slower to jump to tribal political responses of either panic or complacency. This week it was announced that the UK now topped the list as the worst hit country for deaths per million.  This led toContinue reading “Coronavirus and what the data is telling us”

Why do Christians seem to get drawn into conspiracy theories?

I’ve seen this question asked by a couple of bloggers recently. My general response is that we should not assume that they are particularly more susceptible to them than anyone else it is just that we are generally more aware of it among Christians. However, the question about what will make those Christians that areContinue reading “Why do Christians seem to get drawn into conspiracy theories?”

Joining a new church in lockdown

Circumstances have compelled us to change churches.  I’m very grateful that there are a couple of other churches that have been very loving and caring, looking out for us as we make that transition but not everyone has that luxury.  Ordinary church members are less likely to have church leaders watching out for them specificallyContinue reading “Joining a new church in lockdown”

An assault on God’s Word and its consequences

In Genesis 3, the serpent turns up and asks if God had really said what he said in Genesis 2.His aim isn’t to encourage a Bible study or a philosophical discussion. Nor is it really to ensure that Adam and Eve are happier, healthier and freer. His aim is to amass power for himself. BrothersContinue reading “An assault on God’s Word and its consequences”

If you love Christ then don’t trash talk his bride.

I couldn’t help responding to this tweet with the obvious repost. It would be highly concerning if the bride of Christ were to be caught cross-dressing. Missing the point and the humour, my interlocutor was quick to accuse me of somehow lacking in Biblical manhood and needing to repent. I’m not sure how he determinesContinue reading “If you love Christ then don’t trash talk his bride.”

A walk in the park and a lockdown controversy

The lockdown horror stories are beginning again.  Just as with the last lockdown we are now getting the stories of people innocently going out t exercise and being hit with heflt fines by jobs-worth police. Here’s the latest example. Covid: Women on exercise trip ‘surrounded by police’ – BBC News Now I’m probably a bitContinue reading “A walk in the park and a lockdown controversy”

The Rule of Law

What makes a democracy? Is it simply that people get to vote for their political leaders and their policies? Well, not quite. Even dictators are fond of plebiscites (the traditional reason given by older politicians against the use of referenda) and some of the most brutal and corrupt regimes officially have elections. Those tend toContinue reading “The Rule of Law”

Zoom communion revisited

Back when we first went into lockdown, our church decided to use zoom and Facebook to enable us to continue gathering. We recognised that these means were not perfect but we felt that the Scriptural injunction to gather was so important that we should try by every means possible to do so. As a churchContinue reading “Zoom communion revisited”

Cancelling exams will not level up

One of my big questions about the new lockdown concerned the thinking of the Government in cancelling exams this summer. Last May/June, it was obvious why exams were cancelled, we were in the middle of lockdown and so it was theoretically unsafe to run the exams. I say “theoretically” because there were people who arguedContinue reading “Cancelling exams will not level up”