COVID risk assessment update

Here’s my regular update on the COVID data.  My purpose in sharing these updates is to help churches keep a view on what is happening as they make plans and risk assessments for re-opening.  The risks that we have to consider include objective risks in terms of the potential to create a super spreading contextContinue reading “COVID risk assessment update”

What is our responsibility at this stage of the pandemic?

What’s your opinion about the 19th July re-opening? Strong opinions have been expressed from all sides and Christians and church leaders are not immune to holding such strong views. If you’ve followed this blog carefully over the past few weeks, you’ll have picked up that I’m cautiously positive about the decision to fully re-open. I’mContinue reading “What is our responsibility at this stage of the pandemic?”

COVID forecasting – Rear view mirrors and uncertainty

What kind of COVID numbers can we expect to be seeing over the next few weeks?  Knowing what we might expect to see is crucial for those involved in making the big decisions because  case numbers impact on hospital admissions and that in turn has an impact on mortality figures.  Those involved in leading churchesContinue reading “COVID forecasting – Rear view mirrors and uncertainty”

Updated information for church COVID risk assessments

Here’s my regular update on what the picture is looking like in terms of COVID-19 to help church leaders think through their risk assessments when planning for church services. The most important and encouraging information is that the growth in cases seems to have slowed a little as the Euros’ effect seems to be easingContinue reading “Updated information for church COVID risk assessments”

The Government, COVID and a tricky call about reopening

So, how do you feel about the decision to end COVID-19 regulations on the 19th July? Some of you are no doubt excited and relieved to see those measures coming to an end, others perhaps frustrated that the end didn’t come sooner and many feeling extremely anxious, concerned that this has come too soon andContinue reading “The Government, COVID and a tricky call about reopening”

One rule for them, one rule for the rest of us?

This weekend it was announced that the Health Secretary Sajid Javid had contracted COVID-19. As he had been in a recent meeting with the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer, it was assumed that they would need to self-isolate in line with the COVID rules. Well, on Sunday morning it was announced that theyContinue reading “One rule for them, one rule for the rest of us?”

Singing Lessons

In recent posts I’ve suggested we might need to be cautious about the assumption that the 19th July will immediately inaugurate the return of full churches, no masks and a return to congregational singing. I suggested that an interim step might be to encourage different parts of the congregation to sing either a whole songContinue reading “Singing Lessons”

Update on Churches, COVID-19 reopening and risk assessments

Here’s a further update from my post earlier this week as you seek to prepare for post 19th July worship.  The first crucial piece of information is that the Government have now published updated guidance for churches.  You can read it here. The key things to  note are that As expected, churches are encouraged toContinue reading “Update on Churches, COVID-19 reopening and risk assessments”

Risk Management decisions and in person worship post July 19th re-opening

Sunday 25th July will be a crunch date in the calendar. This is the first Sunday after the formal relaxation of all COVID restrictions in England. It means that there will no longer be regulations and fines relating to failure to wear masks or socially distance at a church gathering. Singing will also be allowedContinue reading “Risk Management decisions and in person worship post July 19th re-opening”

The risks for churches post 19th July

After the 19th July, the Government will remove all remaining COVID-19 measures. This means that there will not be legal restrictions such as social distancing or wearing face masks. But the Government and the national health/science advisors have been clear that COVID hasn’t gone away. It’s not that those measures don’t matter anymore, it’s thatContinue reading “The risks for churches post 19th July”