COVID risk assessment update

Here’s my regular update on the COVID data.  My purpose in sharing these updates is to help churches keep a view on what is happening as they make plans and risk assessments for re-opening.  The risks that we have to consider include objective risks in terms of the potential to create a super spreading contextContinue reading “COVID risk assessment update”

The risks for churches post 19th July

After the 19th July, the Government will remove all remaining COVID-19 measures. This means that there will not be legal restrictions such as social distancing or wearing face masks. But the Government and the national health/science advisors have been clear that COVID hasn’t gone away. It’s not that those measures don’t matter anymore, it’s thatContinue reading “The risks for churches post 19th July”

Being Transparent about risk (2) COVID-19 is still with us

In a previous post, I argued that we need to be open with our church family about the risks associated with moving out of lockdown. As I explained in that article, this means that we should not engage in the over-hype which can happen when people are sharing alarmist headlines around social media.  This willContinue reading “Being Transparent about risk (2) COVID-19 is still with us”

As we re-open church buildings we need to be transparent about risk

It is important that as we begin taking those baby steps to re-opening our church buildings that we are open and honest with each other about what the risks are. We should not be gung-ho, rushing in and saying “It is back to normal. There are no risks.” There are always risks involved with organisingContinue reading “As we re-open church buildings we need to be transparent about risk”

The crucial difference between “at the earliest” and “at the latest”

“Don’t build up expectations, don’t get hopes up” “You will do better to air on the side of caution and pessimism” “Be realistic” These are the key messages that have been coming through from national church leaders involved in consultation with the Government over the past few weeks. It can be very frustrating if youContinue reading “The crucial difference between “at the earliest” and “at the latest””