COVID update 28/01/2022

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Here’s the latest COVID data update. First of all cases:

As you can see, following a little bump, cases are once again on a downward trajectory, albeit at a slower pace. Remember that this means that COVID has been sitting at a much higher community prevalence since Omicron and this remains the case.

However, we also need to look at cases within the context of admissions and deaths. Admissions are now on a firmly downward trajectory with the admission to case ratio remaining low at under 2%.

Additionally, we are now seeing the number of deaths reducing which aligns with cases peaking during the last week of December.

The ratio of deaths within 28 days of diagnosis has also fallen to 0.17%

The data confirms that, whilst Omicron has been significantly more infectious, our experience of it has been much less severe with the help of prior infection, vaccination and boosters so that people are much less likely to end up in hospital, even less likely to find themselves on ICU and with survival rates much higher.

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