COVID forecasting – Rear view mirrors and uncertainty

What kind of COVID numbers can we expect to be seeing over the next few weeks?  Knowing what we might expect to see is crucial for those involved in making the big decisions because  case numbers impact on hospital admissions and that in turn has an impact on mortality figures.  Those involved in leading churchesContinue reading “COVID forecasting – Rear view mirrors and uncertainty”

COVID Reopening – brace yourselves and hold your nerve!

I’ve been trying to give a regular update for church leaders on how things are looking regarding final reopening on the 19th July.  So first of all, the not so good news.  You’ll be fairly well aware of this by now.  Over the past few weeks we’ve seen COVID-19 cases increasing rapidly. The increase seemedContinue reading “COVID Reopening – brace yourselves and hold your nerve!”

Use the delay to re-opening wisely

Many of us had pinned our hopes on June 21st being “Freedom Day”and so we may be feeling a little crushed and disappointed at the moment.  Of course, the 21/06 was never really the make or break “Freedom Day” that the media had foolishly built it up to be. WE have already substantially unlocked theContinue reading “Use the delay to re-opening wisely”

Coming out of lockdown may require a re-plant mindset

One of the responsibilities of leaders is to see and prepare for what may lie ahead. That’s a double challenge because we are not given infallible foreknowledge, we are dealing for possibilities and probabilities. That means we have to be ready for multiple scenarios. It also means that we will need to be ready toContinue reading “Coming out of lockdown may require a re-plant mindset”