If marriage is a public matter then so too is adultery

Yesterday I wrote about the breaking news concerning the then Health Secretary, Matt Hancock and an alleged affair.  Hancock has now resigned from the government but as I wrote in the article, the focus was primarily no breach of COVID rules. People have tried to play down the moral side of things by insisting thatContinue reading “If marriage is a public matter then so too is adultery”

The proposed European Super League exposes our idolatry

The news cycle moves on. What has knocked coronavirus and a royal death off of the headlines this week? That’s right, it’s football and proposals for a European Super League. The plan is for 12 of the richest and largest clubs in Europe to break away from their national leagues to form their own competition,Continue reading “The proposed European Super League exposes our idolatry”

Death, sympathy and Distinguishing – Is Donald Trump equivalent to Bin Laden?

Have a watch of this video clip.  I wonder if you can spot the mistakes that Ash Sarker makes in her response. Sarkar’s argument is that she sympathises with those who have been celebrating Donald Trump’s illness and wishing for his death for three reasons. That we use black humour to cope with tragic situationsContinue reading “Death, sympathy and Distinguishing – Is Donald Trump equivalent to Bin Laden?”

Morality and the Christian account of God

So how does the God revealed in Scripture and worshipped by Christians do when it comes to the morality question? Once again we are back to the question of evil and suffering and why a good God can permit these things to happen.  Now, there are two charges to respond to here. The first, isContinue reading “Morality and the Christian account of God”

Evil Nazis, The Sky fairy and questions about abortion and euthanasia

Today in the House of Commons there will be an attempt to amend the Domestic Abuse bill in order to significantly liberalise the abortion laws still further. I am asking all MPs including our local MPs John Speller and Preet Kaur-Gill to vote against this. I have two reasons for asking them to do this.Continue reading “Evil Nazis, The Sky fairy and questions about abortion and euthanasia”

Who judges?

Traditionally in our legal system there are distinct roles in ensuring that the Law is obeyed. The Police are responsible for enforcing the Law. This means that they seek to prevent crimes being committed by acting to pre-empt criminal activity. It means that when someone has broken the law they have the power to arrestContinue reading “Who judges?”

Should Professor Neil Ferguson have resigned?

News broke yesterday that one of the leading experts advising the government on Coronavirus response has stepped back from involvement in SAGE, the government’s advisory body. Why? Was it that his expertise had been found wanting? No, whilst not everyone is happy with his models, this was not the reason.[1] Was he resigning in protestContinue reading “Should Professor Neil Ferguson have resigned?”