Be careful little lips – on the language of political debate

Over the weekend, there was significant discussion about political culture and how politicians talk about each other and how the rest of us talk about politicians.  Now, given that it looks likely that the person who attacked and murdered Sir David Amess was motivated by Islamist extremist, there is a reasonable response to this. Namely,… Continue reading Be careful little lips – on the language of political debate

Will a work guarantee scheme help asylum seekers?

On Friday last week, Steve Kneale wrote about asylum seekers and work. Currently asylum seekers are legally forbidden from taking on paid work during what often turns out to be a lengthy process. During that time they are provided with Home Office accommodation and a very minimal allowance.  Many of us find this grievous.  Here… Continue reading Will a work guarantee scheme help asylum seekers?

Is the label “conservative-evangelical” a stumbling block?

Evangelical Times have published this article by Mike Judge explaining why he’s no longer using the term “conservative evangelical.” There were a couple of things that I found interesting in the article, not least that he is himself drawing the boundaries for who belongs to the tribe quite tightly. Mike identifies himself as Reformed in… Continue reading Is the label “conservative-evangelical” a stumbling block?

“I’ll wait for Survation”

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Survation famously got their 2017 General Election prediction pretty near right when all the other pollsters floundered. So in 2019, when nearly every pollster was calling it for the Conservatives as a clear win, a frequent refrain from those rooting for Jeremy Corbyn was “I’ll wait for Survation”. The hope and belief was that once… Continue reading “I’ll wait for Survation”

On calling people liars

Last week, MP Dawn Butler was removed from the House of Commons for calling the Prime Minister a liar.   “What was the problem with her accusing him of lying?” you may well be asking. Isn’t Mr Johnson notorious for having a questionable relationship with the truth? Hasn’t that been the problem for him so… Continue reading On calling people liars

Eurovision, hate and indifference

Eurovision returned last night after a one year COVID enforced hiatus. Normal service was well and  truly resumed with outlandish costumes, cheesy lyrics and quirky voting. To cap it all, once again, the UK finished bottom with the ignominious “null points”.  Then as usual, people took to social media to complain that everyone in Europe… Continue reading Eurovision, hate and indifference

Reflections on elections

Last Thursday was the first significant electoral event in the UK since the 2019 General Election and since COVID. As well as local council elections, there were votes for metro mayors, the devolved assemblies/parliaments and a by-election in Hartlepool. So, what did those election results tell us about he current state of the parties. Labour… Continue reading Reflections on elections

It’s not a left-wing thing to be against racism and antisemitism

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Occasionally people have a go at labelling my political leanings. Fascinatingly, I’ve been identified as “left-wing” on a few occasions recently. Now, whilst I try to stay clear of party political endorsements on Faithroots, I do touch on matters of public policy including economics, freedom of speech, etc. You may draw your own conclusions on… Continue reading It’s not a left-wing thing to be against racism and antisemitism

An assault on God’s Word and its consequences

In Genesis 3, the serpent turns up and asks if God had really said what he said in Genesis 2.His aim isn’t to encourage a Bible study or a philosophical discussion. Nor is it really to ensure that Adam and Eve are happier, healthier and freer. His aim is to amass power for himself. Brothers… Continue reading An assault on God’s Word and its consequences