Eurovision, hate and indifference

Eurovision returned last night after a one year COVID enforced hiatus. Normal service was well and  truly resumed with outlandish costumes, cheesy lyrics and quirky voting. To cap it all, once again, the UK finished bottom with the ignominious “null points”.  Then as usual, people took to social media to complain that everyone in EuropeContinue reading “Eurovision, hate and indifference”

Reflections on elections

Last Thursday was the first significant electoral event in the UK since the 2019 General Election and since COVID. As well as local council elections, there were votes for metro mayors, the devolved assemblies/parliaments and a by-election in Hartlepool. So, what did those election results tell us about he current state of the parties. LabourContinue reading “Reflections on elections”

It’s not a left-wing thing to be against racism and antisemitism

Occasionally people have a go at labelling my political leanings. Fascinatingly, I’ve been identified as “left-wing” on a few occasions recently. Now, whilst I try to stay clear of party political endorsements on Faithroots, I do touch on matters of public policy including economics, freedom of speech, etc. You may draw your own conclusions onContinue reading “It’s not a left-wing thing to be against racism and antisemitism”

An assault on God’s Word and its consequences

In Genesis 3, the serpent turns up and asks if God had really said what he said in Genesis 2.His aim isn’t to encourage a Bible study or a philosophical discussion. Nor is it really to ensure that Adam and Eve are happier, healthier and freer. His aim is to amass power for himself. BrothersContinue reading “An assault on God’s Word and its consequences”

I could be in Boris Johnson or Keir’s shoes right now – I’m glad I’m not!

It’s 1995 and I’m in a room with half a dozen other people. We all have one thing in common. One day we would like to be Prime Minister and with the arrogance of youth we each believer that we uniquely have the ability to make that dream come true. Move forward to 2021 andContinue reading “I could be in Boris Johnson or Keir’s shoes right now – I’m glad I’m not!”

It’s great that the Government are asking questions about faith and religion -but are they asking the right ones?

The Government have appointed Colin Bloom as an independent faith advisor.  As part of his work, a survey has been commissioned to gather perspectives on faith, belief and religion in the UK today.  It asks a whole range of questions including some about whether we think religion has a positive impact on society or notContinue reading “It’s great that the Government are asking questions about faith and religion -but are they asking the right ones?”

What does not change

This is based on an article I wrote just after the Brexit vote. Today the US goes to the polls in the US Presidential election. For good or bad the election will affect most of us in some way, all around the world. However, we should keep the result in perspective If the Gospel isContinue reading “What does not change”


In my article about election choices the other day, I mentioned the option of “write in votes” and then referenced a tongue in cheek attempt on twitter to get an Australian elected as the US President.  Well, that campaign has provided a little light-hearted distraction from the grind of lockdown life for some of us.  Continue reading “#BeliefWeCanChangeIn”

The deeper infection that has contaminated our political system

Let me just remind you again of the EHRC charge sheet against the Labour Party “The Party is responsible for three breaches of the Equality Act (2010) relating to: political interference in antisemitism complaints failure to provide adequate training to those handling antisemitism complaints harassment”[1] I want to ask you to consider the unprecedented seriousnessContinue reading “The deeper infection that has contaminated our political system”

The election that affects us all

Often it is those most affected by a decision who get the least say in it. Think about the London Mayoral election. The Mayor has been able to impose a congestion charge and also has powers over how the London Underground functions but who is most affected by those decisions? Well arguably it is theContinue reading “The election that affects us all”