It’s okay to be a socialist … it is even okay to be a right-wing

The other week, I wrote about the danger of allowing our political philosophy to drive our beliefs and actions instead of our faith and theology. At the same time, this does not mean that we have to absolve ourselves from all involvement in and engagement with politics. Personally, I find politics fascinating. I was involvedContinue reading “It’s okay to be a socialist … it is even okay to be a right-wing”

Keir and Boris … stop the party politics over COVID

It didn’t take long for our politicians to step into the gutter over the pandemic did it. We’ve had cheap stunts like “Eat Out to Help” from the chancellor and we have had Boris insulting the Labour leader as Captain Hindsight whilst refusing to give serious answers to questions and treating scrutiny as a nuisance.Continue reading “Keir and Boris … stop the party politics over COVID”

Praying for Donald Trump and Boris Johnson -when it is okay to qualify and prefix

In my article about praying for Donald Trump (and other politicians), as well as dealing with why we shouldn’t wish others dead, I also warned against the temptation to preface our prayers and best wishes with words along the lines of “although I disagree with..” Steve Kneale makes a similar point here and in anContinue reading “Praying for Donald Trump and Boris Johnson -when it is okay to qualify and prefix”

On wishing politicians dead

On wishing someone else dead “We should rejoice that this dictator is dead” said the preacher, to audible gasps from the congregation.  “My daughter prayed that he would die at our family prayer time yesterday, and it has happened.”  He then went on to explain his reasoning. The dictator could either die to himself andContinue reading “On wishing politicians dead”

What is driving my views – political ideology or theology?

It became rather apparent during lockdown that once again, our country was being divided down  fairly familiar lines. I’m not saying that there was an exact like for like, true in every case. However, generally speaking, it seemed possible to divide people into two camps. The first camp was those who were concerned about GlobalContinue reading “What is driving my views – political ideology or theology?”

The responsibility of universities and the A- Level results scandal

So now the fall-out from the response to the fall out starts. Attention has moved from our concern about the impact of last week’s grading debacle on students to how it will affect Universities. Universities are now being presented as the new victims. They had no choice but to offer places to those who metContinue reading “The responsibility of universities and the A- Level results scandal”

The A Level Results scandal – a political disaster

Whatever you may think of previous education secretaries, I suspect that even the most controversial (Ken Baker, Ken Clarke, David Blunkett or even Michael Gove) would not have made such a horrendous hash of exam grades during the pandemic. First of all, they would not have come out and said that exam grades based onContinue reading “The A Level Results scandal – a political disaster”

Stop worshipping at the foot of the magic money tree

It’s the 2017 General Election, the Tories had gone into the campaign, fully expecting a landslide victory but had then proceeded to self destruct whilst Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign had too off with the promise of investment and handouts. Central to the Labour campaign was the commitment to abolish student fees. Then you may remember thatContinue reading “Stop worshipping at the foot of the magic money tree”

Kings and nations tremble at his voice

I’m reposting this article from 2016.  It offers reflection on how we respond to geo-political turmoil. The opening paragraph refers to the Brexit referendum, to David Cameron, Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump’s election as US President.  It seems pertinent today as we reflect back both on 4 years of turmoil. Brexit eventually happenedContinue reading “Kings and nations tremble at his voice”

Why talk about public policy on a faith blog?

From time to time I engage with issues that are a little political on faithroots. In the past we’ve talked about Brexit, Presidential elections and the 2019 General Election (although by mailchimp as the blog wasn’t running at that point). Currently I’m engaging with the issues relating to Coronavirus and not just about the churchContinue reading “Why talk about public policy on a faith blog?”