Is it possible to know what happens after death?

Remember the social media thread I shared the other day about the supposed lack of curiosity from evangelicals and how we don’t have questions.  Well, the follow on conversation was fascinating. As is often the case, people who insist that there is no place for certainty appear to become very certain about that. Take this… Continue reading Is it possible to know what happens after death?

Mary did you know?

Do you find that your faith is at times fragile? Is your knowledge about the Bible and doctrine seriously incomplete? Then today’s #DailyDose looking at another carol is just for you! Here’s the audio version of the talk And you can watch on YouTube here This is a beautiful version of the carol by Pentatonix… Continue reading Mary did you know?

Is Original Sin a terrible concept?

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Katherine Birbalsingh, has got herself into hot water this week. Bibalsingh is a free school headteacher associated with an education philosophy that focuses on knowledge rich pedagogy and strict behaviour policies. She has also been appointed the chair of a social mobility commission recently.  Her comments that have caused an outcry have been about the… Continue reading Is Original Sin a terrible concept?

Don’t just give them knowledge on a plate

I’ve written a few articles over the past few days about the importance of providing foundational knowledge as we teach people, whether in schools, church or other educational type contexts.  I see this as important but things can go too far the other way. There is a benefit to not always teaching knowledge and providing… Continue reading Don’t just give them knowledge on a plate

More on not so obviously useful knowledge

The Education Secretary’s announcement that efforts would be made to encourage Latin in schools has divided opinion. Some people have immediately welcomes this as an important part of raising standards and removing the stigma of Latin as an elitist subject. Others have argued that this is a waste of time, learning a dead language is… Continue reading More on not so obviously useful knowledge

Cultural Capital and Biblical Literacy

E.D. Hirsch is an American author and academic with a particular interest in literacy.  His ideas are currently catching on in the UK among educationalists although I’m sure quite a few teachers will say that they are basic common sense.[1] His premise is that before we worry about skills, we need a foundation of knowledge.… Continue reading Cultural Capital and Biblical Literacy

What would it help to know?

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Yesterday I commented on the need of the pastor to be informed on a whole range of issues outside of their specific expertise in Biblical studies.  We cannot and should not seek to become experts in every field but there are things we can do to help pastors be prepared for this aspect of ministry.… Continue reading What would it help to know?

Knowledge is power, France is Bacon

This little article had Sarah and me in stitches. Of course we were laughing with the poor guy, not at him because we’ve all been there at some point in our life, completely mishearing something leading to confusion. I remember my mum’s perplexed concern when I arrived home from school fresh from our first ever… Continue reading Knowledge is power, France is Bacon