Hope in the aftermath of grief

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This is a guest article from my dad, Roger Williams. Dad was due to preach at a little church north of Bradford last Sunday and was preparing his sermon whilst my mum was in hospital. After mum died, dad felt strongly that he had been given a message to bring and that he should fulfil… Continue reading Hope in the aftermath of grief

Advent Reflections available from Faithroots

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This year, Advent begins on the 27th November. Some Christians find it helpful during Advent and the lead up to Christmas to set aside time for reflection each day. The other year, I put together a series of short talks/meditations linking to specific carols. I’ve included a mixture of advent hymns such as “Oh Come… Continue reading Advent Reflections available from Faithroots

Because Jesus has come we have joy

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What gives you joy and delight? I’m a Yorkshireman from Bradford in West Yorkshire. So, it gives me great joy every Christmas to get people singing a carol (Christians Awake) sung to the hymn tune “Yorkshire.” Thank you for making my joy complete every year! More seriously, and more joyfully. For some of us, we… Continue reading Because Jesus has come we have joy

As with gladness

Today’s carol looks at the Wise men. We have their example and that of Herod or the religious leaders. Intellectual curiosity if that Jealous, defensive scheming Wonder and worship How do we respond to Jesus? 1 As with gladness men of olddid the guiding star behold,as with joy they hailed its light,leading onward, beaming bright:so,… Continue reading As with gladness