It is okay to disagree

In the past, I’ve challenged a number of the assumptions that lie behind some of the (in my opinion) wilder accusations thrown at the Government’s handling of Coronavirus strategy. This could make it sound like I believe all is rosy in the garden  and that there are no problems. It might also suggest that I’mContinue reading “It is okay to disagree”


What would you rather have?  The choice is between 100% of people being 95% compliant or 80% of people being 100% compliant? It looks like one of those trick questions doesn’t it? I’m meant to go for the better numbers 100% and 95% but it doesn’t take me long to realise that it is betterContinue reading “Compliance”

Learning the wrong (right) lessons -the importance of curiosity

One of the big problems our society has is that we have suffered the death of curiosity and that stops us from asking good questions especially when presented with data and statistics. I get frustrated when people bring out the old “lies, damned lies and statistics” routine because statistics don’t lie, you do however needContinue reading “Learning the wrong (right) lessons -the importance of curiosity”

Learning the Wrong Lessons: Lies damned Lies and Statistics

Every day brings more news about new coronavirus cases and a rising death toll.  The figures are put under intense scrutiny. Questions being asked are Is the rate of infection increasing or slowing? Is the figure accurate, does it confuse those who die from an illness with those who die with?  Does it include allContinue reading “Learning the Wrong Lessons: Lies damned Lies and Statistics”