First Impressions (Learning to see 2)

It started at about lunch time, initially I thought the squiggly line I was seeing was a loose hanging eyebrow or perhaps an eyelash caught in my eye/line of sight. When Sarah got home from work, we confirmed this was not the case.  In any case, I’d not been able to do much ahead ofContinue reading “First Impressions (Learning to see 2)”

Coronavirus – did we set the wrong priorities?

I am continuing to think about how we have done so far during the coronavirus pandemic. As I said in an earlier post, one measure of this is how we are doing against the objectives the Government set out. However, we should also step back and ask whether those were the right objectives.  One issueContinue reading “Coronavirus – did we set the wrong priorities?”

The Care home scandal we cannot ignore

For a little while, I have been arguing that the one true scandal of the Coronavirus pandemic is that we allowed the virus to get into our care homes.  The one place where you did not want the virus to run riot was also the one place we could have protected. I think that inContinue reading “The Care home scandal we cannot ignore”

It is okay to disagree

In the past, I’ve challenged a number of the assumptions that lie behind some of the (in my opinion) wilder accusations thrown at the Government’s handling of Coronavirus strategy. This could make it sound like I believe all is rosy in the garden  and that there are no problems. It might also suggest that I’mContinue reading “It is okay to disagree”