Don’t lose sleep over it

Apparently I’m cold and unfair!  What has provoked this? The answer is that I choose not to lose sleep over the challenges that the private school sector face as a result of COVD-19.  The Economist has written an article explaining that schools have been hit financially and the ongoing crisis is likely to lead toContinue reading “Don’t lose sleep over it”

Coronavirus – did we set the wrong priorities?

I am continuing to think about how we have done so far during the coronavirus pandemic. As I said in an earlier post, one measure of this is how we are doing against the objectives the Government set out. However, we should also step back and ask whether those were the right objectives.  One issueContinue reading “Coronavirus – did we set the wrong priorities?”

Putting God First

What do you put first in your life? It might be job, education, your football team, your family.  Many of you will say “I want to put God first.”  But what does that mean? It might mean some sacrificial decisions, perhaps a willingness to give up your job and comforts for full time Christian work.Continue reading “Putting God First”