Babylon 2020

Back at the end of the Cold War, Francis Fukuyama proclaimed that the fall of communism heralded the end of history. At the same time, George Bush (snr) announced a new world order.  In this brave new world there would be an end to conflict and an era of peace. The World would come together. Continue reading “Babylon 2020”

A national day of prayer for coronavirus

This afternoon I had  a call from one of our church members, she asked me if we could encourage people to write to the Prime Minister asking him to call for a national day of prayer concerning the COVID-10 pandemic. I am agreeing to join in with the request and I want to explain whyContinue reading “A national day of prayer for coronavirus”

Being Salty – a light that cannot be hidden

During the Second World War, every effort was made to protect  London and major cities from the Luftwaffe bombers. So, street-lights were switched off and black-out curtains fitted.  However, it is very hard to hide a city, especially an ancient city set proudly on a mountain top. In fact ancient warfare did not really requireContinue reading “Being Salty – a light that cannot be hidden”

The Shaming of the Shrew

This is the third in a little series of articles reflecting on the controversy surrounding Dominic Cumming’s trip to Durham. I guess it also relates to the issues that came up with Professor Neil Ferguson and Catherine Calderwood, the former Scottish Chief Medical Officer I am more concerned with the lessons we learn for ourContinue reading “The Shaming of the Shrew”

Ten years at Bearwood

We’re hitting the ten year mark. Sarah and I moved to Smethwick in the summer of 2010 and I officially started work in September that year.  However, we had been visiting from the previous Autumn and after the church voted to appoint me we spent quite a bit of time up here, getting to knowContinue reading “Ten years at Bearwood”

Does the Bible talk about money more than it talks about love, heaven and hell?

The short answer is “No.”  If it did, then you would notice it as a recurring theme when you are part of a church where expository preaching is practiced.  You would either notice that the preacher kept, accurately and transparently showing how the text applied to your wallet, or you would wonder why the preacherContinue reading “Does the Bible talk about money more than it talks about love, heaven and hell?”

Putting God First

What do you put first in your life? It might be job, education, your football team, your family.  Many of you will say “I want to put God first.”  But what does that mean? It might mean some sacrificial decisions, perhaps a willingness to give up your job and comforts for full time Christian work.Continue reading “Putting God First”

My biggest enemy is …

A preacher advertises Sunday’s service with the announcement that he will reveal his biggest enemy during the sermon. He is going to reveal who has been his worst thorn in the flesh, his most difficult opponent. Come Sunday and the church is packed. Everyone is there to see who the enemy is and they’ve allContinue reading “My biggest enemy is …”