What did the Unions ever do for us?

This is a question I’ve seen asked a few times over the past few weeks as rail, mail and NHS strikes have started to bite.  The response from those supporting/defending union action has been to argue that Unions and Strike action have played a significant role in labour reforms in the UK including better pay/conditions,… Continue reading What did the Unions ever do for us?

The Kingdom of God in Mark

Jesus begins his ministry by announcing the “good news” that the Kingdom of God is near.[1]  Therefore, if we are to benefit from this good news, we need to understand what Jesus means by the phrase “The Kingdom of God.” Firstly, The Kingdom of God is the fulfilment of God’s promises to Israel.  We see… Continue reading The Kingdom of God in Mark

Because Jesus has come we have joy

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What gives you joy and delight? I’m a Yorkshireman from Bradford in West Yorkshire. So, it gives me great joy every Christmas to get people singing a carol (Christians Awake) sung to the hymn tune “Yorkshire.” Thank you for making my joy complete every year! More seriously, and more joyfully. For some of us, we… Continue reading Because Jesus has come we have joy

The Good news of Christmas

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What’s the problem?  It’s not you …it’s me” is one of those classic break up lines. If we are honest, the phrase is code for the exact opposite. You really mean “It’s not me….it really is you.” What’s wrong with our world? It’s not in a great shape is it.  The daily news feed is… Continue reading The Good news of Christmas

What our Afghan friends need right now

Yesterday I wrote about where the battle for Afghanistan was lost. I argued that the fate of the Afghan people was sealed at Doha when the US signed a deal with the Taliban. Consider the impact of that.  The people knew well what a return of the Taliban would mean: torture, rape, slavery, death.  Yet… Continue reading What our Afghan friends need right now

I believe in childhood conversion

I saw this tweet the other day from someone saying that they don’t believe in small children around about the age of 5 converting through asking Jesus into their lives. It was an interesting statement for me to read because I still clearly remember that day, it was the 20th April 1980, sat on an… Continue reading I believe in childhood conversion

The big beautiful marriage story

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One of my favourite Bible passages is Ephesians 5:21-33. It’s the passage which I looked at for my MTh dissertation and yet in many respects I’m frustrated by how it is treated by Christians. It has become the battle ground for tribal disputes and the result has been a narrowing of focus and a squeezing… Continue reading The big beautiful marriage story


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At the start of Coronavirus I talked often about how we may be going through a winter season of shutdowns  and lockdowns but summer was coming. There would be a day when things would change, when the virus would recede and we would be able to break lockdown.  #SummerIsComing I said. Well, summer came and… Continue reading #SummerReallyIsComing

How God shows up in Jesus

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I’ve mentioned many times how helpful I’ve found Paul Williams and Barry Cooper’s approach to answering difficult questions helpful.[1] So often when we engage in apologetics we find ourselves wanting to take the person to Jesus and the Cross but find ourselves side tracked by complex apologetics. So I found it liberating when at a… Continue reading How God shows up in Jesus