The (church) body keeps the score

I recently referred to the book “The body keeps the score” which talks about how mental health issues and in particular trauma related health is not just in the mind. The physical brain, nervous system and the body are affected by trauma, respond to it and keep score of the damage inflicted. So, I’ve begunContinue reading “The (church) body keeps the score”

How (not) to be a guilt driven church

#TheDailyDose – Ephesians 2:8-10 The book we bought and the book we read Rick Warren’s best sellers “The purpose driven life” and “The purpose  driven church” –but a lot of churches and Christian lives feel “guilt driven” …not purpose driven What do I mean …. Trying to bridge a gap “For it is by graceContinue reading “How (not) to be a guilt driven church”

Church Discipline and Church abuse

There’s been some recent discussion on social media about the use of church discipline and whether or not it can be harmful and lead to examples of abuse.  The discussion was prompted by this article by Steve Kneale which was then shared by John Stevens – you can read the thread below John’s tweet toContinue reading “Church Discipline and Church abuse”

How we respond to concerns about abusive and bullying culture matters for the culture

There have been a range of responses to the recent scandals and reviews concerning abuse in the church. On the one hand there are those who I think wish it would all just go away.  We’ve identified a few rotten apples, they’ve been dealt with so let’s move on. There have been others however whoContinue reading “How we respond to concerns about abusive and bullying culture matters for the culture”

Douglas Wilson on Slavery and racism

In some up coming posts, I’m going to try and outline the issues concerning Douglas Wilson’s teaching in order to show why it is unhealthy.  But to do so, we need to engage properly with what Wilson is actually saying rather than hearsay or exaggeration and that means we need to take a little timeContinue reading “Douglas Wilson on Slavery and racism”

Big Family of God?

I’ve written a few articles recently where I’ve talked about the importance of revisiting how we think about and talk about God if we are to see significant cultural change.  I’ve suggested that we need to try and get away from corporate/business imagery and start to talk about the church as body and as family.Continue reading “Big Family of God?”

Gifted and Talented

What does that phrase make you think of?  It’s frequently used to describe stand out students at school. The Gifted and talented are to be separated out for special attention at one end of the educational spectrum in order to maximise Grade 9s, A*s and Oxbridge places.  Of course at the other end of theContinue reading “Gifted and Talented”

Recovering our first love

I’ve been writing over the past week or two about how we encourage reform that affects church culture so that what we believe about grace affects how we live.  We’ve seen that central to that is seeing the importance of love as central to the mission of the church. Today, I want to talk aContinue reading “Recovering our first love”

Changing the culture: What is the mission and purpose of the church?

I’ve begun to share some thoughts about how we change and reform the culture of our churches in order to see churches where the doctrines of grace affect our life together so that there is a culture of grace. Here are some of the things I’ve suggested already: We need our church life to beContinue reading “Changing the culture: What is the mission and purpose of the church?”

Fathers and mothers – implications of family models for the church

In my posts about church culture and in my recent article about complementarianism, I’ve argued that we need to seek a church culture that functions more like a family and less like a club, institution or business. In that context, I want to suggest that elders in the church function a bit like the fathersContinue reading “Fathers and mothers – implications of family models for the church”