One of the really sad things about recent abuse scandals in the church is the way they mirror some of the horrific things we see in the world around us.  We should be able to respond and to offer something that is beautifully counter cultural.  Yet instead, we are seen to ape some of theContinue reading “Scandalised”

Responding to the abuse reports -what next?

We’ve been hit hard by a series of reports and investigations into abuse and bullying over the past few month including Acts29 and Steve Timmis, RZIM, John Smyth and Jonathan Fletcher.  The response has been intense and emotional.  It’s included a lot of good, helpful and right things Deep probing questioning as people have wantedContinue reading “Responding to the abuse reports -what next?”

Apologetics in its place and the need for Gospel reform of our culture

In the light of the Ravi Zacharias scandal, the debate has continued about what should happen to the vast empire of trusts and organisations that took his name.  The options so far have been: Disband all of the trusts quickly and completely Dissociate individual national trusts from the US one which is seen as theContinue reading “Apologetics in its place and the need for Gospel reform of our culture”

Confronting abuse in the church – reforming towards a culture of grace

I’ve written from time to time about the issues of bullying and abuse within the church. That is because recent serious scandals relating to high profile leaders that include sexual, emotional and physical abuse, and sadly the accompanying failure of the church to deal with such issues over many years raise challenges about church culture. Continue reading “Confronting abuse in the church – reforming towards a culture of grace”

“Family and friends” are not your accountability.

One of the things that you may have picked up from the Ravi Zacharias scandal is that a lot of responsibility for accountability lay with family and friends.  That’s one of the problems with a self selected group of people becoming responsible for a person’s accountability.  If we simply choose our own friends and familyContinue reading ““Family and friends” are not your accountability.”

If RZIM is truly repentant then they need to disband

No parachurch organisation can presume that it will be permanently around. Indeed, even local churches cannot make that assumption according to the first few chapters of Revelation.  Too often, institutions have focused on protecting their own reputation over and above the priorities of The honour and glory of Christ The Gospel Those who have beenContinue reading “If RZIM is truly repentant then they need to disband”