The crucial point about the Chaplain’s sermon on gender and sexuality

You may have seen this article in the news, it’s about a school chaplain who has been sacked following a talk in which he told pupils that they should not be forced to accept LGBT ideology. I want you to notice a couple of things here. That he did not question the right of LGBTQContinue reading “The crucial point about the Chaplain’s sermon on gender and sexuality”


One of the really sad things about recent abuse scandals in the church is the way they mirror some of the horrific things we see in the world around us.  We should be able to respond and to offer something that is beautifully counter cultural.  Yet instead, we are seen to ape some of theContinue reading “Scandalised”

Word Crimes? Thought Crimes?

Police have decided that: “No criminal offence took place when a plane banner carrying the message “White Lives Matter Burnley” was flown over a Premier League match between Manchester City and Burnley,”[1] No doubt, some people will be relieved and delighted by that decision this morning and will hail it as a victory for common-sense.Continue reading “Word Crimes? Thought Crimes?”