Be careful with your offence

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When Steve Chalke infamously used his punchline comparing Penal Substitution to “cosmic child abuse” a lot of people picked up on how offensive this was  towards God. I think Chalke’s defence would be that it could not be offensive to God because the God he believed in had not punished his son on our behalf… Continue reading Be careful with your offence

The offence of the cross should be enough offence for us

Did you see the news reports about he woman at Hyde Park speakers corner who was stabbed by a Muslim? Initially it was presented as a faith issue. Christian brings the Gospel in words, Muslim responds with violence. Did you see the further detail? Yes the confrontation was around Christians and Muslims but no it… Continue reading The offence of the cross should be enough offence for us

Censorship, criticism and editing

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Well, that’s twice in a row now! On two separate occasions I’ve been accused of trying to get someone censored.  The first was when I challenged David Robertson’s  Premier Christianity article about Donald Trump’s twitter account being suspended. The second follows my suggestions for a bit of editing to an article by John Benton for… Continue reading Censorship, criticism and editing