Why we don’t want to weaponise prayer

The other day, I wrote about the lady who was arrested for silently praying outside an abortion clinic.  Some commentary made it sound as though a random person, simply passing by and praying had been arrested for a one off, incidental event.  The reality was that their arrest followed a series of actions on their… Continue reading Why we don’t want to weaponise prayer

On boycotting the World Cup and judging others

This winter, the FIFA World Cup will happen in Qatar. The decision to host the World Cup there has proved seriously controversial.  There were all the practical questions about it happening at a time of year when major national leagues are mid competition and about the implications of playing in that climate. However, those concerns… Continue reading On boycotting the World Cup and judging others

Protesting is alive and well

Throughout the last week, there have been stories about people being arrested or threatened with arrest during either aspects of national mourning for Queen Elizabeth II or events to proclaim the new king. As I’ve written here, I suspect that in most cases where an arrest takes place that there is a little bit more… Continue reading Protesting is alive and well

The Canadian Truckers’ Convoy: Be careful about what/who you advocate for

Have you ever found yourself stepping in to support someone who has appeared to be the victim only to be rather embarrassed when the facts come out?  It’s important to take time to check the facts. Over the last few weeks, the Canadian Truckers’ Convoy have been presented as heroes fighting for freedom. Their protest… Continue reading The Canadian Truckers’ Convoy: Be careful about what/who you advocate for

Move along nothing to see?

On Tuesday 9th November 2021, Tzipi Hotovely, an Israeli ambassador  spoke at the London School of Economics.  At the venue, students gathered to protest.  Video footage shows her being greeted by a wall of noise, chants of “shame on you” and having to be ushered quickly into a car. Additional reports state that students had… Continue reading Move along nothing to see?

When should we consider civil disobedience?

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

I want to return to the question about Churches breaking lockdown rules and meeting for worship. You will notice that people like me (see also the position of FIEC National Director, John Stevens) has not been that Churches should never go against the law on matters of gathering for worship. That would be an untenable… Continue reading When should we consider civil disobedience?

On tearing down statues

On the 9th April 2003, Iraqis gathered in Firdos Square following the Coalition invasion and tore down a statue of Saddam Hussein.  The world watched on and cheered as this event symbolised the freedom of the Iraqi people from slavery and tyranny. This week we have seen further attempts to tear down statues, some successful,… Continue reading On tearing down statues