On tearing down statues

On the 9th April 2003, Iraqis gathered in Firdos Square following the Coalition invasion and tore down a statue of Saddam Hussein.  The world watched on and cheered as this event symbolised the freedom of the Iraqi people from slavery and tyranny. This week we have seen further attempts to tear down statues, some successful,Continue reading “On tearing down statues”

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

We are now entering another week of lockdown. We are under strict instruction not to leave our homes unless we are key workers except for daily exercise, essential shopping and medical needs.  Hitting the Easter holidays will make that sense of what we are missing out on all the more painful for many of us.Continue reading “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

Cattle Prods

For Starters What things give you meaning in life? Have any of these things been challenged  by the recent Coronavirus pandemic? A Look at the Text Do you think the author and the teacher are two separate people? The word translated “meaningless” in some Bible versions is the Hebrew word “Hebel” (pronounce Hevel”) which meansContinue reading “Cattle Prods”

“Only the young”

For Starters What are the good things about being young? What (if anything) are the negatives of being young? A Look at the Text What does the Text say? Youth is to be enjoyed (11:7-10) 11:7-8; The author uses the imagery of light and sight to show that there is joy and delight in life.Continue reading ““Only the young””


Uncertainty (Ecclesiastes 11:1-6) For starters Share honestly with each other your current emotional state as we face a period of uncertainty Have you had to make sudden and drastic changes to your plans as a result of Coronavirus? Give examples. Have you made specific plans to get you through the next three months? A LookContinue reading “Uncertainty”

Getting Away With It

Ecclesiastes 8:10 -9:10 For Starters How do you react when you see someone else getting away with doing wrong? A Look at the Text I What does the Text say? Apparently as a child my grandma was always up to mischief whether it was pinning things to the deacon’s coats so when they stood toContinue reading “Getting Away With It”

The Enigma Sermons (Ecclesiastes)

The Enigma Sermons I’m going to be sharing some talks (video and written)/studies on Ecclesiastes as this has been our Sunday Night series. However I am aware that some of you will appreciate some catch up and background. So I’m going to post a few articles today with background, themes and some past studies. WarningContinue reading “The Enigma Sermons (Ecclesiastes)”