Cattle Prods

For Starters

What things give you meaning in life?

Have any of these things been challenged  by the recent Coronavirus pandemic?

A Look at the Text

Do you think the author and the teacher are two separate people?

The word translated “meaningless” in some Bible versions is the Hebrew word “Hebel” (pronounce Hevel”) which means “vapour”.  So the teacher is saying that life is like vapour. Why do you think he describes life in this way?

The Author says “But, my child,[c] let me give you some further advice: Be careful, for writing books is endless, and much study wears you out.” What is the difference between studying about God and trusting him? (v12)

Look again at the last quote from verse 12. Now read it in the context of verse 9-11. What is the big point that the author is making here?

A look at ourselves

Has reading Ecclesiastes changed your attitude to

  • Your job
  • Your possessions
  • Your family

How does knowing Jesus help you make sense of life in this world?

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