I’m not your Saviour

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I recently wrote in response to a quote from John MacArthur where he suggested that husbands are in effect their wife’s saviour, rescuing them from loneliness, a lack of care and protection and unfulfilled potential in terms of children.  Of course, when MacArthur talked about husbands as saviours, he wasn’t intending us to think that… Continue reading I’m not your Saviour

The idols must go

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The things that we fear and the things that we put our trust in are the things that become our idols.  They become our idols because we give power and authority to them.  We think that they have control and influence over our lives.  We are scared that if we do not do what they… Continue reading The idols must go

The limits of persuasion – when explaining doesn’t help

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If only people knew what was really going on, they’d quickly change their minds and behaviour.  If I could just sit down face to face and talk with them, then they would see that I was for them, they’d understand the decisions I’d made and the actions I’d taken. They might not like it but… Continue reading The limits of persuasion – when explaining doesn’t help

He also made the stars

Young Stars at Home in Ancient Cluster by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

In Genesis 1:14-18, we are told about the part of creation where God populates the heavens with lights.  The sun and moon are appointed as rulers over day and night.  In other words, they will be the dominant lights and the basis for things like telling the time, seasons and location based on their appearance. … Continue reading He also made the stars

The inconvenient God

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A friend of ours, Anna, is training for Church of England ordination and recently was asked to take an RE lesson in school.  She asked the children to suggest words and phrases that they associate with God.  What is God like?  One child responded: God is inconvenient” What an incredible and honest statement, there’s the… Continue reading The inconvenient God

The evil heresy of “Christian nationalism”

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Fortunately this isn’t something that has particularly filtered through into the British Evangelical conscience but because some of my readers are from the USA and also because directly or indirectly, stuff happening there filters through here, I wanted to pick up on a particularly concerning cultural trend in America. Increasingly I’m hearing talk about Christian… Continue reading The evil heresy of “Christian nationalism”

Kings and nations tremble at his voice

I’m reposting this article from 2016.  It offers reflection on how we respond to geo-political turmoil. The opening paragraph refers to the Brexit referendum, to David Cameron, Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump’s election as US President.  It seems pertinent today as we reflect back both on 4 years of turmoil. Brexit eventually happened… Continue reading Kings and nations tremble at his voice

The Holy Spirit and two gods to worship

There is a brilliant little booklet called “Two Ways to live” that helpfully presents the Gospel in picture form. But there are not only two ways to live but also two gods to worship. There is the true and living God who made us, loves us and in Christ has redeemed us. Then there is… Continue reading The Holy Spirit and two gods to worship