When the writer provides the generational records for Noah’s sons, he reverses the expected order.  We are told first about Japheth’s sons the Hams.  The line of Shem is delayed into chapter 11 and before that we have some further detail about what Ham’s descendants get up to. This will enable Moses to go on… Continue reading Names

Should we cancel church on Christmas Day?

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There’s been some debate, some of it heated about whether or not churches should be gathering this Sunday.  Particularly in the United States, there are a lot of churches that seem to have decided to hold services because Sunday clashes with Christmas Day. The argument has been that churches are in effect prioritising the holiday… Continue reading Should we cancel church on Christmas Day?

For him

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Let’s return to that question of what happens when we see people fall either due to false teaching or to moral failure.  I’m thinking specifically of religious leaders here.  Some people have argued that because Romans 11:29 describes God’s gifts and calling as irrevocable that even when a leader falls, they can and should be… Continue reading For him

Lack of consistency is often the killer

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If you are thinking about introducing something new into your church, then before you do, ask the question “Can we keep this up week after week, through the winter and into the summer over the next few years.”  You see, often we rush ahead with a great idea and either we do something as a… Continue reading Lack of consistency is often the killer

A lesson in how (not) to communicate

If you watched the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony on the BBC then you’ll have benefited from a running commentary about what was happening, particularly the symbolism of the giant raging bull.  Live in the stadium (certainly for the dress rehearsals), you would not have had that benefit. Instead, you would have simply seen the amazing… Continue reading A lesson in how (not) to communicate

When worship becomes farce (Mark 7:1-8)

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Jesus receives a delegation from Jerusalem. It’s kind of like the rabbinic version of an OFSTED visit. The scribes and pharisees have come to see him, to check out what he is saying and doing, to test him and no doubt hoping to trap him. It looks like they are welcomed in and offered hospitality.… Continue reading When worship becomes farce (Mark 7:1-8)