Belonging to The Church and to a church (Acts 2:42-47)

 few years back we did summer camp at home for our church young people at Bearwood. The camp finished at our Nueva Vida Service with a bi-lingua celebration.  I thought I would share here the talk I gave to round things off.  During the camp, the young people learnt about: Calling God Father, Living forContinue reading “Belonging to The Church and to a church (Acts 2:42-47)”

Elders are to guard and protect the church

In Acts 20:17, Paul sends for the elders (note plural) of the church in Ephesus to come and meet him at Miletus as he travels back to Jerusalem.  There he gives them instructions about how to continue serving the church when people like Paul are no longer around to visit and write letters. He tellsContinue reading “Elders are to guard and protect the church”