Opening Credits

This week we look at 1 Chronicles 11-12 Anointed (11:1-3) Jerusalem (11: 4-10) Jerusalem is in Benjamin, whereas Hebron = a city of Judah.  Jerusalem is a crucial symbol of David uniting the kingdom and replacing Saul’s dynasty Mighty Men (11:10-47) Early followers of David The inner circle – the three and the thirty Note… Continue reading Opening Credits

Death of a king

“Saul’s suicide is an appropriate gesture: he is the troubler of his own house.”[2] But also “It was in his total behaviour, not in isolated individual acts, that Saul showed himself to be unfaithful, and it was for the lack of faith that Yahweh rejected him and turned the kingdom over to David, the son… Continue reading Death of a king

1 Chronicles and the big picture background to the story

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This week’s podcast Here are the notes: Introduction 1 Chronicles 1-9 covers the whole of world history and specifically the history of God’s people up until the end of King Saul’s life.  It does this by recording the family trees of key people with occasional, pithy commentary. It would be helpful as we reach the… Continue reading 1 Chronicles and the big picture background to the story

Roots and Branches

Here’s the next part of “What Matters” – a teaching series on 1 and 2 Chronicles The narrative seems bare.  We cover the equivalent of most of Genesis in 1 chapter.  However, it may tell more than we first spot. Notice that significant attention is given to Judah and particularly on David’s line (ch3). Ch4:9-10,… Continue reading Roots and Branches

Why look at Chronicles?

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Here is the first in our series on 1 and 2 Chronicles. There’s a video to watch or podcast to listen to with outline notes to accompany below. There’s also some discussions for personal reflection and discussion below too. We associate “Chronicles” with the writing of an alternative history.  Perhaps an alternative version of events… Continue reading Why look at Chronicles?

Why you should do long preaching series in the Old Testament

I am planning to do some teaching through 1 and 2 Chronicles soon. It will be appearing on the Faithroots Podcast and there may also be a few accompanying articles.  My main aim is to provide an additional training resource for those using Faithroots to help equip them for urban mission and planting.  However, I… Continue reading Why you should do long preaching series in the Old Testament