Death of a king

“Saul’s suicide is an appropriate gesture: he is the troubler of his own house.”[2] But also “It was in his total behaviour, not in isolated individual acts, that Saul showed himself to be unfaithful, and it was for the lack of faith that Yahweh rejected him and turned the kingdom over to David, the son… Continue reading Death of a king

Roots and Branches

Here’s the next part of “What Matters” – a teaching series on 1 and 2 Chronicles The narrative seems bare.  We cover the equivalent of most of Genesis in 1 chapter.  However, it may tell more than we first spot. Notice that significant attention is given to Judah and particularly on David’s line (ch3). Ch4:9-10,… Continue reading Roots and Branches

Why look at Chronicles?

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Here is the first in our series on 1 and 2 Chronicles. There’s a video to watch or podcast to listen to with outline notes to accompany below. There’s also some discussions for personal reflection and discussion below too. We associate “Chronicles” with the writing of an alternative history.  Perhaps an alternative version of events… Continue reading Why look at Chronicles?

Training pastors in context

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I am passionately convinced that for most potential pastors and church planters that the best place for them to train for Gospel ministry is in context. It is generally true that training is best when it happens as close to the actual situation you will use it in. This means with plenty of opportunity to… Continue reading Training pastors in context

Training for Gospel competencies

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I’ve argued that we need a different approach to Gospel training if we are to see workers equipped to go into the neediest areas.  One aspect of this is the need to start from outcomes and think about the types of competencies we are looking for in Gospel workers.  A competency is an area of… Continue reading Training for Gospel competencies