Training pastors in context

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I am passionately convinced that for most potential pastors and church planters that the best place for them to train for Gospel ministry is in context.

It is generally true that training is best when it happens as close to the actual situation you will use it in. This means with plenty of opportunity to learn from observing practitioners and with lots of coaching from them as you put things into practice yourself.

None if this is to deny the place of academic seminaries. For some people this will play a significant part in their preparation for service. All it means is that Seminaries won’t be the best option for everyone ( I’m provocatively saying “most”) and won’t provide everything that is needed for ministry (I would say that much of my training came both in the few years before theological college, through placements whilst there and then seeking it out afterwards).

One of the primary aims of the Faithroots site is to provide resources for people training for urban ministry here in the West Midlands and also for those seeking to train people in their context.

This approach to training will mean that future pastors and planters will be trained by current pastors and planters. It means that they will be assessed by their ability to put into practice the gifts and skills required for pastoral ministry.

If you would like to be involved in this kind of approach to Gospel Training either as someone bring trained by this approach or as a pastor getting involved in training others, then I would love to hear from you.

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