The inconvenient God

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A friend of ours, Anna, is training for Church of England ordination and recently was asked to take an RE lesson in school.  She asked the children to suggest words and phrases that they associate with God.  What is God like?  One child responded: God is inconvenient” What an incredible and honest statement, there’s the… Continue reading The inconvenient God

The Cost of Living: Comfort and contentment

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This is not the whole answer to the Cost of Living crisis because what I’m about to say does not apply to many Christians at the moment and will not apply over the next few years. There are many Christians for whom the cost of living crisis will exacerbate existing hardship and poverty or draw… Continue reading The Cost of Living: Comfort and contentment

We choose our inconveniences

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I saw this tweet recently and I think it highlights something about human nature. It is terribly inconvenient isn’t it to have to queue for things and then to wait around afterwards. It’s annoying when we have to travel a distance. Yet here we are not just with the inconvenience of queues but also of… Continue reading We choose our inconveniences