Food from around the web

My friend from Oak Hill days, Stephen Watkinson has resurrected his blog “Northern Souls”. Here he writes on the importance of “hammering home” application if we want to make sure that churches get the challenging things that God has to say to us. Facing the Day: This is a guest post by Rachel Lane onContinue reading “Food from around the web”

He was raised for our justification

An odd kind of Easter Easter is not as we expected to be is it? It’s not what we were looking forward to.  Normally today we would have invited as many from the community to come and join us for a big service together at the chapel. We would have decorated the building with balloonsContinue reading “He was raised for our justification”

Church in the new normal

I wanted to share a few reflections on our experience so far during the Coronavirus lockdown. It has been tough and challenging but in other ways, refreshing and encouraging. These are not structured thoughts – just some jotted reflections and interaction with concerns of others. Body ministry kicks in … if it is already inContinue reading “Church in the new normal”

A strange Easter?

Easter Sunday is going to be weird this year. We are used to celebrating in style. For Bearwood Chapel, Easter means a week long festival including gatherings, a breakfast and communion on Good Friday, children’s clubs and usually some special events such as Arts Days and café nights. Then on Easter Sunday we all gatherContinue reading “A strange Easter?”

Food from around the World Wide Web

Friday 10th April 2020 Qualified well wishes aren’t well wishes and in this case aren’t human … what do you do if someone you disagree with politically falls ill? You just wish them well. Stephen Kneale argues that if you need to explain your political disagreement whilst wishing them well then you are falling intoContinue reading “Food from around the World Wide Web”