What the Archbishop didn’t say

Last weekend, before we got back to things like parties in Downing Street and whether the Prime Minister tells the truth, the media and social media were full of reports and debate about what the Archbishop of Canterbury had said in his Easter Day sermon.  Reports focused on some statements critical of the UK’s Rwanda… Continue reading What the Archbishop didn’t say

Why is the Resurrection Good News?

The Resurrection is good News because it tells us that we are not alone Most of us find ourselves faced with two competing alternatives  Superstition This is driven by fear of the unknown and the unexplained. It leads to attempts to control the unknown through ritual. We might believe in spiritual forces but these are… Continue reading Why is the Resurrection Good News?

Were the Palm Sunday and Good Friday crowds completely different?

One of the questions thrown up by the Easter week narrative is how could the crowds so quickly have turned on Jesus? How is it possible that those who on the previous Sunday were shouting “hosanna” were by Friday shouting “crucify”? One possibly, strongly favoured by commentators is that there were two different crowds. Those… Continue reading Were the Palm Sunday and Good Friday crowds completely different?

Crucified (Matthew 27:32-66)

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For Starters How do you react if/when people mock you/are mean to you? A Look at the Text Read v 32-44. Can you identify 5 different types of person in this section and how they each respond to Jesus? What happens when Jesus cries out/shouts (v45-56) How is Jesus buried? (v57-61) What do the priests… Continue reading Crucified (Matthew 27:32-66)

Why you shouldn’t get upset when the celebrity professor tweets

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I’m going to make a prediction.  At some point over this weekend a minor celebrity secularist, probably someone holding a professorship in the public communication of science or suchlike will tweet something mildly offensive and ignorant about Christians and the Gospel’s claims about Jesus’ death and resurrection. This will be followed by several responses from… Continue reading Why you shouldn’t get upset when the celebrity professor tweets

Cross focused praise

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Early this week I shared my “Easter Sunday” playlist. Here’s a selection of songs I’ve used in Maunday Thursday and Good Friday worship over the years. I hope this will be helpful to anyone looking for something reflective over the next few days. Once again there’s a mix of traditional and contemporary songs. Please let… Continue reading Cross focused praise

Is “My Song is Love Unknown” antisemitic?

I’ve written a few times about the growing resurgence in antisemitism. I talk in terms of resurgence because this is a historic problem and whilst we think primarily of Nazi Germany, neither Britain nor the church has a good record here. Testimony to our failure include the writings of Martin Luther and some shocking examples… Continue reading Is “My Song is Love Unknown” antisemitic?

Celebrating Easter with joyful praise

When we first arrived at Bearwood Chapel, there didn’t seem to have been a significant emphasis on Easter. The Brethren tradition tends to particularly stay away from church calendar occasions. However, we had a few people, particularly but not exclusively from the older end of the church who wanted to make a bigger thing of… Continue reading Celebrating Easter with joyful praise

“I know that you seek Jesus”

On Easter Sunday, I wrote about the very first words uttered after the resurrection “Do not be afraid.”  Today I want to draw you to the next thing that the angel said at the time (Matthew 28:5): “I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified” Well, certainly they were looking for the body of… Continue reading “I know that you seek Jesus”