Asbury and why we don’t have to label everything immediately

I studied law at university, followed by manufacturing management and a gear shift career change into manufacturing engineering.  AS both cause and consequence of those decisions, I tend to be keen to label, define, organise. It’s how my mind is wired and so I was one of those people during COVID who got through it… Continue reading Asbury and why we don’t have to label everything immediately

Rumours of Revival

There have been some incredible reports coming from Asbury University in Kentucky of God moving in a powerful way starting at a chapel service.  These reports describe people to come, stay, come back to an extended gathering where there has been praise, prayer, Scripture reading, preaching and testimony continuing over a number of days.  Testimonies… Continue reading Rumours of Revival

What should (and shouldn’t) the gathered church be like?

Last week I wrote about Sundays and gathered worship. I argued that the whole of life is worship and that means that yes, Sundays are part of our worship, not because the church gathers to worship in a way cut off from our daily lives but exactly because the whole of life is worship and… Continue reading What should (and shouldn’t) the gathered church be like?

Are all age services any use?

The All Age Family service is sometimes treated with a bit of suspicion, tolerated at best.  I’ve heard two objections to them. The first is that All Age worship excludes single people and those without children.  The second is that they prevent you engaging deeply with God’s Word.  Now, both of those things can be… Continue reading Are all age services any use?

Funeral and Thanksgiving service for Margot Williams (Mum)

Here’s the links for my mum’s funeral. I’ve included a YouTube and a facebook option, then a direct link for those unable to access either. One of the challenges with recording live from Zoom is getting the sound quality for songs and hymns. Below are some links to versions of the hymns we sung.… Continue reading Funeral and Thanksgiving service for Margot Williams (Mum)

Do we gather to worship?

Robert Strivens has reviewed William Taylor’s book “Revolutionary Worship”  here.  Taylor, following Vaughan Roberts and David Peterson argues that for the believer, worship language in Scripture is primarily about our everyday lives. Taylor’s primary aim seems to be to encourage people to think of their day to day activities in the home, workplace, school or… Continue reading Do we gather to worship?

Renewing the Covenant

I grew up in a church which had a Wesleyan tradition.  The church had been originally planted as a Methodist mission hall reaching a deprived, inner-city part of Bradford.  Eventually, The Mission parted company with The Methodist Church as the denomination pursued liberal theology.  However, significant elements of its Methodist roots were still in place.… Continue reading Renewing the Covenant

The wondrous gift

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This is a short message to wish you all a Happy Christmas.  What a wonderful way to celebrate the special day by being able to celebrate it on the Lord’s Day.  I hope that you are celebrating with great joy and that this includes giving and receiving some fantastic gifts.  All of the little presents… Continue reading The wondrous gift

Should we cancel church on Christmas Day?

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There’s been some debate, some of it heated about whether or not churches should be gathering this Sunday.  Particularly in the United States, there are a lot of churches that seem to have decided to hold services because Sunday clashes with Christmas Day. The argument has been that churches are in effect prioritising the holiday… Continue reading Should we cancel church on Christmas Day?

Give me Jesus

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What is Christmas all about? What is it that we most need? Later in this week I’m going to be sharing some specific thoughts on what those who are lonely, grieving, depressed, hurting need at Christmas.  Spoiler alert, what we need is joy, deep unspeakable joy. That joy is found in Jesus Christ and in… Continue reading Give me Jesus