Honoured? The clues to what we really believe and worship

Last weekend, my parents visited and so on Saturday we went for a day out with them.  The weather was inclement and so looking for an indoor option, we ended up at Lichfield Cathedral. Two things stood out to me from the visit. The first was that the Cathedral had housed a shrine for St… Continue reading Honoured? The clues to what we really believe and worship

Joy, enjoyment and singing

In my article on singing the other day, I talked about the importance of enjoyment and joy when we are singing.  I wanted to expand on a little footnote I included in the article.  There I commented that: Incidentally, when I talk about joy and enjoyment here, I don’t think that means we are meant… Continue reading Joy, enjoyment and singing

On singing when I don’t enjoy it

This week, Steve Kneale answered the question “If I don’t enjoy the songs at church, is it okay not to sing?”  I broadly agree with much of what he has to say in his article.  We live in an individualistic age where we believe that our desires and preferences come first. If we see church… Continue reading On singing when I don’t enjoy it

Should we sing “the father’s wrath completely satisfied”?

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A friend recently asked on social media for recommendations of newish songs for their church to learn. One I mentioned was the Sovereign Grace song, “Jesus Thank you” by Pat Sczebel .  Another friend commented that whilst they too love this song, they struggle a bit with the chorus which goes: Your blood has washed… Continue reading Should we sing “the father’s wrath completely satisfied”?

Cross focused praise

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Early this week I shared my “Easter Sunday” playlist. Here’s a selection of songs I’ve used in Maunday Thursday and Good Friday worship over the years. I hope this will be helpful to anyone looking for something reflective over the next few days. Once again there’s a mix of traditional and contemporary songs. Please let… Continue reading Cross focused praise

Is “My Song is Love Unknown” antisemitic?

I’ve written a few times about the growing resurgence in antisemitism. I talk in terms of resurgence because this is a historic problem and whilst we think primarily of Nazi Germany, neither Britain nor the church has a good record here. Testimony to our failure include the writings of Martin Luther and some shocking examples… Continue reading Is “My Song is Love Unknown” antisemitic?

Celebrating Easter with joyful praise

When we first arrived at Bearwood Chapel, there didn’t seem to have been a significant emphasis on Easter. The Brethren tradition tends to particularly stay away from church calendar occasions. However, we had a few people, particularly but not exclusively from the older end of the church who wanted to make a bigger thing of… Continue reading Celebrating Easter with joyful praise

The sinner’s friend

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I love contemporary worship songs but also have quite a soft spot for older hymns. I particularly associate this one with my childhood, sat at home listening to songs played on my mum and dad’s record collection. I am particularly struck by the lyrics of the second verse Thou art the sinner’s friend,So I Thy… Continue reading The sinner’s friend