Money, power and worship

I thought I’d follow up a little further on the question of VIP worship experiences. There’s been some helpful further conversation on the topic including this article from Steve Kneale. Steve comments: “Some have objected to the existence of a tour at all. How can we be using Christian music – especially of the kind… Continue reading Money, power and worship

The Goal

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Before becoming a pastor, my role in industry was to do with process and system design implementation and improvement. One of the key thinkers or gurus in this area was a man called Eli Goldratt.   Goldratt wrote a book called “The Goal” which set out his thinking in the form of a story about a… Continue reading The Goal

Money Talks

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This guest post on Steve Kneale’s blog has generated plenty of further discussion among those with a particular concern for Gospel ministry into working class and urban contexts.  THs has highlighted that as well as passionate concern for the Gospel to go out to unreached areas, there is understandably disagreement at times about how we… Continue reading Money Talks

Stop worshipping at the foot of the magic money tree

It’s the 2017 General Election, the Tories had gone into the campaign, fully expecting a landslide victory but had then proceeded to self destruct whilst Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign had too off with the promise of investment and handouts. Central to the Labour campaign was the commitment to abolish student fees. Then you may remember that… Continue reading Stop worshipping at the foot of the magic money tree

So should we talk about money in church?

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There are all sorts of reasons why, as a pastor of a church in urban Britain I feel uncomfortable talking about money and particularly about giving. These include It’s just not the done thing in polite circles! To an English man, talking about money is like talking about politics and religion.   I can’t avoid one… Continue reading So should we talk about money in church?

Does the Bible talk about money more than it talks about love, heaven and hell?

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The short answer is “No.”  If it did, then you would notice it as a recurring theme when you are part of a church where expository preaching is practiced.  You would either notice that the preacher kept, accurately and transparently showing how the text applied to your wallet, or you would wonder why the preacher… Continue reading Does the Bible talk about money more than it talks about love, heaven and hell?

The Prosperity Problem

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We know there’s something bad out there called “The Prosperity Gospel.” We know it’s bad because most preachers and pastors will quickly tell us that it’s wrong and that they don’t teach it. However, I’m not sure that we quite grasp exactly what the problem is. The risk then is that we can end up… Continue reading The Prosperity Problem