The Goal

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Before becoming a pastor, my role in industry was to do with process and system design implementation and improvement. One of the key thinkers or gurus in this area was a man called Eli Goldratt.   Goldratt wrote a book called “The Goal” which set out his thinking in the form of a story about a… Continue reading The Goal

The happy person (Psalm 1)

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I have been spending a lot of time in the Psalm’s recently. A few days back I wrote up a short meditation on Psalm 1. Here is a longer sermon I preached this morning. How do you stay happy throughout relentless suffering ?  I’m writing this as we come to the end of a year… Continue reading The happy person (Psalm 1)

Happy People – The merciful

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There’s a man and he is well and truly in debt, not just a few thousand pounds, not even a couple of hundred thousand on a mortgage. Rather, he is in the red to the tune of billions. We’re talking the sort of deficit that governments ran up in the Credit Crunch and are doing… Continue reading Happy People – The merciful

Happy people – the hungry and thirsty

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Have you ever lost your appetite? I don’t just mean being off your food for a few days because you are a bit under the weather or snacking all day so that you are not hungry at mealtime.  I’m talking about significant loss of appetite over a sustained period of time. In such a case,… Continue reading Happy people – the hungry and thirsty

Happy people – the poor

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Have you experienced abject poverty? Perhaps if you have not experienced it personally you have witnessed people living with nothing or very little. I’ve seen people in Cairo living among the garbage. I’ve also known people here in the West Midlands who have got themselves into such a mess that they are left homeless, on… Continue reading Happy people – the poor

Happy People (Matthew 5:1-12)


“I’m not happy…” the words that you dread at the start of a conversation because you know that it is highly likely that you are the cause of the unhappiness and that they are expecting you to do something that will turn things around and help them to be happy again.  Sometimes it is straight… Continue reading Happy People (Matthew 5:1-12)


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What makes you happy?  For me, it would be pie and chips, Bradford City winning and holidays in Paris.  What do you desire?   For me, unlimited ice cream and a pet dog. Psalm 20 and Psalm 21 both talk about God granting the desires of our hearts. What does it mean for him to do… Continue reading Happiness