Happy people – the hungry and thirsty

Have you ever lost your appetite? I don’t just mean being off your food for a few days because you are a bit under the weather or snacking all day so that you are not hungry at mealtime.  I’m talking about significant loss of appetite over a sustained period of time. In such a case, alarm bells will ring about a possible and deeply concerning health problem, either physical or emotional.

We are meant to experience hunger and thirst.  These desires are our bodies’ way of telling us that we are in need of nutrients.  And what is true physically is true spiritually. If you do not have spiritual hunger, then something us up.

Jesus talks about those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. In his context, this could apply in three possible ways.

  1. God’s people looking around and seeing the injustice caused by brutal occupation and a corrupt and compliant religious leadership will have been longing to see justice done.
  2. As the people looked and saw the state of affairs, they will have connected up the dots and seen that their own lack of righteousness was the problem
  3. Righteousness sometimes is used to describe how God acts in keeping with his character to save us. A hunger of righteousness is a cry for salvation.

Furthermore, we realise that it is Christ himself who is righteous and is our righteousness. So, to hunger for righteousness is to hunger for Christ himself, the living bread.

We see this in God’s people today as we seek Christ, looking to him for salvation, realising that he is the only one who can judge rightly and depending upon him for justification by faith as he imputes his righteousness to us.

Are you hungry for righteousness, hungry for Christ? Turn to him and find satisfaction.

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