Happy People – The Peacemakers

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What is a peacemaker? We actually have an award for people whom we recognise as peacemakers, the Noble Peace prize. I am not sure however that the prize fully functions effectively.  How do we decide who is a peacemaker? For example, should President Trump be considered a peacemaker? After all he went to meet the… Continue reading Happy People – The Peacemakers

Happy people The pure in heart

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One of the good things about lockdown easing has been that we can start to see people face to face again.  Facebook and Zoom calls have helped us stay in touch but even they are not the same as actually getting to see and spend time with people and in some cases we have not… Continue reading Happy people The pure in heart

Happy people – the hungry and thirsty

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Have you ever lost your appetite? I don’t just mean being off your food for a few days because you are a bit under the weather or snacking all day so that you are not hungry at mealtime.  I’m talking about significant loss of appetite over a sustained period of time. In such a case,… Continue reading Happy people – the hungry and thirsty

Happy people – those who mourn

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Our second beatitude promises blessing or happiness for those who mourn.  In Matthew, the reason that they are happy, or blessed is because they will be comforted. Luke 6:21 sets an even strong contrast “Blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh.” Jesus here is picking up on an important Old Testament theme… Continue reading Happy people – those who mourn

Happy people – the poor

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Have you experienced abject poverty? Perhaps if you have not experienced it personally you have witnessed people living with nothing or very little. I’ve seen people in Cairo living among the garbage. I’ve also known people here in the West Midlands who have got themselves into such a mess that they are left homeless, on… Continue reading Happy people – the poor