Happy People – The Peacemakers

What is a peacemaker? We actually have an award for people whom we recognise as peacemakers, the Noble Peace prize. I am not sure however that the prize fully functions effectively.  How do we decide who is a peacemaker?

For example, should President Trump be considered a peacemaker? After all he went to meet the North Koreans. What about Tony Blair who did so much to bring peace in Northern Ireland. You can see that I am raising controversial examples because at points in their lives, even these men did things to try and bring about peace. Then we have the example of the Second World War. Who did the most to bring about lasting peace, Neville Chamberlain who negotiated with Hitler and returned with a treaty or Winston Churchill who pursued all out war?  Life is complex and messy. Sometimes the peacemaker realises that war is necessary, sometimes the war leader realises it is time to sue for peace. Sometimes we have to pursue war for the sake of lasting peace.

Are you a peacemaker? We have argued that the beatitudes all apply to believers, so the answer should be yes. So how do we go about this?  Well remember two things

  1. The Jews would not just have seen peace as meaning the absence of war but a situation where they were free from oppression, exile and occupation.
  2. Jesus fulfils the beatitudes first.

So, Jesus is the peacemaker, he reconciles us to God and one another. He does that by defeating sin, death, Satan and evil on the cross. 

Therefore, if we are to be peacemakers, we do this primarily by telling people the Gospel.

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