Will War ever cease?

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Introduction The First World War was meant to be the war to end all wars. The world was shocked by the extent of cruelty and suffering experienced.  Organisations like The League of Nations and later the UN were meant to bring war to an end. Sadly history tells us that human efforts to bring World… Continue reading Will War ever cease?

Peace (Matthew 8:23-33)

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“I just wish things could get back to normal.” Have you heard other people saying that? Have you found yourself saying it too?  If I were to take you back to February and March, how did you feel then? Perhaps you were anxious but there was also the adrenalin of being in this together too… Continue reading Peace (Matthew 8:23-33)

What is peace? (Ephesians 2:1-14 and Matthew 8:23-27)

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A few years back I was thinking about the nature of church life. I came up with a brilliant phrase to describe it “Messy Church.” “Brilliant,” I thought, “I’ve even got a potential best-selling book title there!” There was just one problem -someone had already coined the phrase to describe midweek children’s and families outreach. … Continue reading What is peace? (Ephesians 2:1-14 and Matthew 8:23-27)

Happy People – The Peacemakers

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What is a peacemaker? We actually have an award for people whom we recognise as peacemakers, the Noble Peace prize. I am not sure however that the prize fully functions effectively.  How do we decide who is a peacemaker? For example, should President Trump be considered a peacemaker? After all he went to meet the… Continue reading Happy People – The Peacemakers


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What makes you happy?  For me, it would be pie and chips, Bradford City winning and holidays in Paris.  What do you desire?   For me, unlimited ice cream and a pet dog. Psalm 20 and Psalm 21 both talk about God granting the desires of our hearts. What does it mean for him to do… Continue reading Happiness

A strange Easter?

Easter Sunday is going to be weird this year. We are used to celebrating in style. For Bearwood Chapel, Easter means a week long festival including gatherings, a breakfast and communion on Good Friday, children’s clubs and usually some special events such as Arts Days and café nights. Then on Easter Sunday we all gather… Continue reading A strange Easter?