For the good of the city

Our church has a list of reasons that we exist. One of them is that we exist “for the good of the city.”  Our church has been planted here in Birmingham with the conviction that we should not just become a “holy huddle.” A challenge is sometimes given to churches “If you ceased to exist… Continue reading For the good of the city

Peace in the storm (Mark 4:35-41)

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There’s a great storm raging, the waves are battering against the boat and it is being tossed about like a toy by the wind. The sailors are struggling against the storm.  Several of them are seasoned sailors who know these waters well but there’s something different about this storm that fills them with dread. Meanwhile… Continue reading Peace in the storm (Mark 4:35-41)

Praying for or praying against enemies?

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My article about the UK national anthem provoked a little discussion.  Several people on social media commented that they agreed with me that it shouldn’t be sung in church.  One reason given was that the Anthem includes verses which call for the defeat and destruction of the Queen’s enemies.  Observations included that this was “more… Continue reading Praying for or praying against enemies?

Jesus my king says “come and sit with me”

I was speaking at West Smethwick Congregational Church last Sunday. WSCC is a church we built connections with when they sought help with revitalisation and replanting. A few years back they were down to half a dozen people. So, it was good to visit them and see such a change.  They have a pastor and… Continue reading Jesus my king says “come and sit with me”


If you’ve not caught up with the latest #FaithrootsPodcast, here are the links to watch on YouTube or listen via Anchor and Spotify. In the conversation we discuss: Should pastors take sides and speak on political issues? 2. To what extent is the current situation about Spiritual conflict? 3. What is God doing in the… Continue reading #PrayForUkraine

What about pacifism?

The situation in Ukraine is really stretching our hearts and our thinking.  On this week’s podcast, I talked with Ryan Burton King, a pastor in London who has family and church connections to the country.  As well as talking about prayer points, we also discussed whether or not pastors could and should take sides in… Continue reading What about pacifism?

It is not always right or possible to remain neutral

In a recent blogpost I wrote about what we might want to pray in response to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.  I included this comment: We pray that God will bring peace, that the conflict will end. However, I don’t think we simply pray for peace at any cost. Our desire should be for… Continue reading It is not always right or possible to remain neutral

First Look 4: The end … or is it?

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Discussion Starters What do you fear the most? If you knew that you had six months left to live, would you change anything about your plans and your daily routine? A look at the Bible Today we arrive at the part of the story which Luke gives most attention to. A biographer usually spends most… Continue reading First Look 4: The end … or is it?

What about the not so Nu variant?

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Okay, I was all ready with my article heading about a nu variant and then the WHO threw me a curve ball and called it “omicron” instead.  I’ve decided to press on with a small variation to the title.  Like me, your social media timeline and news feed has probably been full of stuff about… Continue reading What about the not so Nu variant?