The difference between superstition and faith

There’s a moment in Acts when the early church are caught on the hop by God’s ability to answer prayer. There are the believers, earnestly praying for Peter’s release from prison whilst Peter is knocking on the door because the prayer has been answered. Some of us, particularly from more western and conservative backgrounds can… Continue reading The difference between superstition and faith

The Cost of Living Crisis – where’s the call to prayer?

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When the Global pandemic hit, there were many people calling for national days of prayer and fasting.  Specifically, there were people insisting that the pandemic was a sign of God’s judgement on our land and on our churches and so we needed to repent. When Russia invaded Ukraine, there was an almost spontaneous outbreak of… Continue reading The Cost of Living Crisis – where’s the call to prayer?

Don’t stop praying for Ukraine

We are now in the 4th month since Vladimir Putin began his aggression against Ukraine.  Putin, and many analysts expected the war to be over quickly with Ukrainian forces overwhelmed, the President removed and a speedy surrender.  Things have not turned out as he planned. Many of the things that we prayed for have happened… Continue reading Don’t stop praying for Ukraine

Don’t forget about Afghanistan

It’s not long back that the return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan and the disorderly withdrawal of British and American troops. At the time I wrote about being Afghan ready . I expressed concern that it was easy for us to virtue signal our concern for refugees and announce our readiness but harder… Continue reading Don’t forget about Afghanistan

The Secret Father

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I was speaking about the Lord’s Prayer on the Daily Dose the other day.  You can watch back here or listen back here.  A phrase stood out to me that I’d never really picked up on before. But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is… Continue reading The Secret Father

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What to do when you are praying

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Over the past week I’ve focused #TheDailyDose on the order of service used by the Church of England for Morning Prayer. During lockdown quite a few people found it helpful to follow this service together on Facebook each morning. Although the service is liturgical and I’m personally from a non liturgical background, I generally prefer… Continue reading What to do when you are praying