How we structured our prayer meetings

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The other day, Steve Kneale wrote about prayer meetings and how to structure them. AS he said, there isn’t a right or wrong way to do this, so I’m not about to disagree with him here. Rather I thought it might be helpful to give another example here. I’m also opening up the comments section… Continue reading How we structured our prayer meetings

You say it best when you say nothing at all

What will stand out for you about the Presidential inauguration in future weeks and months? Many have commented on the powerful oratory of Amanda Gorman’s poetry recital. Perhaps it was the oddness of the event, the absence of the outgoing president, the facemasks and lack of a crowd, the realisation that a normal gesture created… Continue reading You say it best when you say nothing at all


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Can you meet with the Trustees urgently about the financial situation?” “Are we looking at redundancies?” “We need to talk options…” That’s the gist of a conversation I was having a few weeks back.  Like quite a few churches in our context, we’ve been encouraged over the past ten years to see Gospel growth but… Continue reading Redundant

On wishing politicians dead

On wishing someone else dead “We should rejoice that this dictator is dead” said the preacher, to audible gasps from the congregation.  “My daughter prayed that he would die at our family prayer time yesterday, and it has happened.”  He then went on to explain his reasoning. The dictator could either die to himself and… Continue reading On wishing politicians dead

Peace (Matthew 8:23-33)

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“I just wish things could get back to normal.” Have you heard other people saying that? Have you found yourself saying it too?  If I were to take you back to February and March, how did you feel then? Perhaps you were anxious but there was also the adrenalin of being in this together too… Continue reading Peace (Matthew 8:23-33)

A national day of prayer for coronavirus

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This afternoon I had  a call from one of our church members, she asked me if we could encourage people to write to the Prime Minister asking him to call for a national day of prayer concerning the COVID-10 pandemic. I am agreeing to join in with the request and I want to explain why… Continue reading A national day of prayer for coronavirus