Walking with God

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Genesis 5 opens with the second occurrence of the statement “These are the generations…”  We are now opening up a new section, act 2 if you like, in Genesis.  We begin to trace “what became of Adam and his family?” Notice that, Cain’s line has been dealt with separately in the previous chapter. So, Adam’s… Continue reading Walking with God

Are you ready?

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Mark 13 takes us to two questions. There’s the immediate question from the disciples is simple enough “when will the destruction of the Temple happen?” The second arises out of it and moves beyond one “mini-world-end” to the greater end of the world event when Jesus will return.  Jesus addresses this too. Read Mark 13:24-37… Continue reading Are you ready?

The barrier of self-sufficiency (Mark 10:17-31)

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A man comes to Jesus and asks him how we can receive eternal life.  We discover three important things about the man Jesus is keen for this man to receive what his heart desires, eternal life.  So, he does two things.  First of all, he challenges the man’s understanding of goodness. The man has given… Continue reading The barrier of self-sufficiency (Mark 10:17-31)

No place for excuses or hypocrisy (Romans 2:1-11)

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If COVID-19 has highlighted one thing, it is our ability to spot the wrong in others.  We read a newspaper report about crowds on a beach and we notice with disgust that someone has gone to that beach, expecting that they would get to be there and enjoy it for themselves, missing the irony that… Continue reading No place for excuses or hypocrisy (Romans 2:1-11)

Will God give up on me? Finding Eternal Security

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This question raises perhaps one of the biggest fears that Christians struggle with. What if I were to fall away from my faith to such an extent that I never recover it and so lose my salvation?  It is the very fear of this that robs many believers of assurance and with that of joy.… Continue reading Will God give up on me? Finding Eternal Security

Harvest Time (Revelation 14)

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What is going to keep you going through tough times?  What gives you hope in the middle of lockdown. I suspect that for many of us, we look forward to future or postponed celebrations. Perhaps when the time comes we will roll together all of the celebrations we have missed or are likely to miss… Continue reading Harvest Time (Revelation 14)